Breast Cancer Facts That Might Interest You

Breast cancer is a feared disease, and with good reason; it’s a common killer. There are different kinds of breast cancer, and the most common forms are linked to the female hormones called estrogen and progesterone. The good news is that most breast cancers are curable if detected early enough, and the latest advances in breast cancer detection mean that it’s now easier than ever to catch. The following gives an overview of breast cancer and some facts about it.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. It’s primarily caused by abnormal cells in breast tissues (breast carcinomas). These abnormal cells grow and divide within the breast and may spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Cancer starts when a cell divides without stopping (proliferation) or when cells transform into abnormal, non-functional (tumour) cells. Cancer cells grow and spread rapidly, and they may invade nearby tissues and organs in the body. The spread of cancer is called metastasis and, if it becomes severe enough, may require breast cancer surgery to remove the cancerous breast (mastectomy). Over the years, the breast cancer research community has made tremendous progress in understanding the causes of breast cancer. Since the 1970s, scientists have been toying with the idea that there’s something about the female reproductive system that makes them more vulnerable to breast cancer. According to this theory, breast tissue is more vulnerable to mutating cancerous cells than normal tissue, which increases the risk of breast cancer. 

It Is One Of The Most Common Cancers In Women

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. In the United States, it affects more than 1 in 8 women, and hundreds of thousands of women are diagnosed with it each year. Breast cancer significantly impacts women’s lives, with some succumbing to death or suffering from a chronic life-altering illness. Although this might seem like an extraordinarily high number, the good news is that the rising number indicates that more women are regularly checking themselves and catching the disease early.

The Earlier To Catch It The Higher The Chance Of Survival

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and can be treated with simple surgeries. However, it is essential to find out about breast cancer early because it has a higher chance of survival if you discover breast cancer early. Suppose you are diagnosed with breast cancer and have not experienced any symptoms before. In that case, there are treatments available such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgery that can lead to a full recovery. The discovery of breast cancer early is the key to the high survival rate for this disease.

There Are Multiple Ways To Treat It

Breast cancer

Depending on the type of cancer and its stage of development, there are many ways to treat breast cancer. 

1. Surgery

One of the most common treatments is surgery. In this procedure, doctors remove as much healthy breast tissue as possible without damaging any nearby organs or nerves while taking care not to cut into the vital mammary artery that supplies blood to the breast. This helps in preventing infections and other health complications associated with cancer. Surgery may also be used for cases where there is a lot of cancerous tissue that cannot be removed by other means. Following surgery, radiation and hormonal therapy are often prescribed for the lasting treatment of breast cancer patients. In some cases, mastectomy might be used to altogether remove all abnormal-looking cells from a woman’s body and prevent a recurrence.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a type of cancer therapy that uses anticancer drugs and other substances to slow, stop, or reverse the growth of tumours. These drugs are usually injected into the veins or administered orally in pill form. Chemotherapeutic agents target cancer to kill cancer cells while simultaneously reducing side effects.

3. Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy is a treatment option for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It consists of hormone replacement therapy, which helps block the effects of estrogen and progesterone, leading to tumour growth and spread.

4. Biological Therapy

Breast Cancer Facts That Might Interest You 1

Biological therapy is used mainly in cases where a patient has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer, wherein the tumour cells have spread through the body’s tissues and organs. This treatment uses drugs to target specific molecules present in tumours or immune cells and genetics or other factors related to cancer biology.

5. Radiation Therapy

In radiation therapy, cancer cells are killed and prevented from growing through the use of a beam of high-energy radiation. The way it works is by using radiation similar to x-ray beams to damage the DNA of the tumour, which kills the cells. This can be done either with a single beam or with multiple beams. Radiation therapy is often used with other treatments like chemotherapy and surgery to decrease the chance of it returning after treatment.

Men Can Also Be Diagnosed With It

The incidence of male breast cancer is relatively low, but the disease is more common in men than previously thought. With advances in imaging and pathology, doctors can now diagnose advanced cases of male breast cancer more easily and quickly, resulting in a significantly shortened survival time for these cancers.

The Screening Method Is Called A Mammogram 

A mammogram is a type of x-ray used to detect different types of breast cancer. It is recommended that all women over the age of 40 get a mammogram every year. It is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses x-ray radiation to produce images of the inside of the breast to detect any abnormalities, such as lumps or masses, that might be cancerous.  The image produced by each mammogram typically takes less than 2 minutes and helps determine whether there are any suspicious areas in the breast tissue or leading lymph nodes.

There is a wide range of factors and risk factors linked to breast cancer. However, the data says that the earlier you can start taking steps to reduce your risk, you are more likely to survive breast cancer. The longer you wait, the higher your risk becomes. Therefore, you should check your breasts for lumps regularly and not waste any time visiting your doctor if you find anything.

Breast Cancer Facts That Might Interest You 2

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