8 Anti-Ageing Tips That Actually Work

8 Anti-Ageing Tips That Actually Work

One cannot stop the clock of natural ageing, but our lifestyle and environment can influence and slow the process.

Our genes control the intrinsic ageing chiefly. Extrinsic ageing can, however, be slowed down as external factors are greatly responsible for it.

8 Anti-Ageing Tips That Actually Work

Practising these anti-ageing tips and using effective products like retinoids, moisturised sunscreen, etc., can greatly impact and reduce signs of ageing.

Let’s look at some anti-ageing tips that work and assist you in maintaining your youthful-looking skin.

1. Use a mild cleanser

With age, our skin is likely to get more sensitive and less oily. It would be best if you use a gentle face wash that doesn’t dry your skin. Cleansing also plays a vital role in removing any makeup, pollutants, skin oils, etc.

Wash your skin in a circular motion with a light touch, as scrubbing can accelerate the ageing process. Perspiration or sweating may cause irritation which can make your skin dull.

2 – Golden Rule- Moisturise


Inadequate hydration is the leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Ageing may also affect your oil glands leaving you with dry skin. Based on insights available about skincare products in various Dermalogica reviews, we know that moisturisation can quickly fix fine lines, as it traps the water and yields youthful-looking skin.

Look for products that have water-binding humectants consisting of hyaluronic acid and glycerine. Use hydrating skincare products that rejuvenate your skin and restore moisture.

3 – Consider Retinoids

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the lifted and smooth appearance of our skin. As we age, collagen production in our body is reduced, resulting in the formation of wrinkles.

To reduce the chances of wrinkle formation, it is preferred that you start using retinoids at the age of 30. Retinoids are vitamers of Vitamin A that work efficiently in stimulating the production of collagen.

4 – Maintain your SPF Routine

SPF Routine

The UV rays from the Sun not only damage our skin but also accelerates ageing. The skin collagen is broken down, which might lead to thin skin and fine lines. Excessive skin exposure to the Sun can cause hyperpigmentation.

Please use sunscreen protection with SPF 30 or higher to maintain healthy skin. It will help if you consider going for a moisturised sunscreen as it will nourish your skin.

5 – Exfoliation

Skin complexion and dullness of the face can also get altered with age as your skin does not replenish itself at its regular pace. Every 28 days, a new layer of skin cells is formed, but this process loses its pace as we age.

To promote the production of new cells, you should preferably exfoliate your skin once a week as it will make your skin look brighter. Consider going for scrubs that contain round particles as they are comparatively less irritating.

6 – Eat food that nourishes your skin

Healthy eating

Indeed, a healthy outside will always begin with a healthy inside. Healthy food is imperative as it nourishes our skin. Please avoid alcohol and other products that are likely to dehydrate your body.

Glucose breakdown is enhanced by consuming food that is high in sugar and white carbohydrates as it will further promote ageing. Eating a protein-rich diet that comprises beans, legumes, fish, etc., might boost collagen production.

7 – Trauma can result in wrinkles

Skin damage is the crucial reason that leads to wrinkles, as with age, your skin is likely to become more fragile. Studies show that pressing your face against the cushion or pillow can result in permanent sleep wrinkles.

Avoid sleep stealers to ensure that you have your beauty sleep as your skin produces more collagen while sleeping.

Thus it would help if you avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing motions that can damage your fragile skin. It would be best if you use gentle touch while dealing with your skin.

8 – Supplements

Skin moisturisation can be maintained via Omega-3s that are found in salmon. It can also assist in preventing wrinkles as it delays the maturation process of the skin cells.

You can also go for flaxseed oil supplements if you cannot consume fish products. Flaxseed oil rejuvenates and replenishes the lipids in our skin, making it look more supple. You should seek advice from your doctor before using any supplement.

Never too early to age elegantly


You can rejuvenate and replenish your skin by practising these anti-ageing actions that can reduce the pace of ageing. Your skin keeps changing over time, and you should put up with these changes to keep your skin healthy.

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