Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important For Home Maintenance

When autumn arrives, it brings in a lot of colours and charm. However, all those dry twigs and fallen leaves can cause much ruckus with the gutters around your home.

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When it comes to home maintenance, gutters need regular cleanups from time to time. Neglecting these cleanups could prove to be costly damage. Clogged or unclean gutters bring in the chance of rainwater seeping into your property as well. Moreover, if water tends to stand in your gutter, this could be the breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes too. Take a look at the top reasons why it is important to keep those gutters clean. Hiring services for gutter cleaning in Arlington va can be a great help if you aren’t sure about going for the DIY route.

Understanding Gutter Cleaning

The process wherein you remove all dirt, debris, leaves and deposit from the gutters is called gutter cleaning. These deposits could clog your ensure gutter system and thus prevent rainwater from freely flowing to the ground, from the roof. When you hire professional cleaners, the debris gets scooped well with the machine. The remaining deposits get flushed away for easing up rainwater flows down the gutters.

Preventing Damage To Roofs

When your gutter gets clogged, there are chances that rainwater gets trapped inside and does not move off from the road. Rainwater penetration through the roof surface causes issues such as-

  • ·         Rotting of roof
  • ·         Construction weakening
  • ·         Waste seepage in the house

Exterior Wall Protection

When rainwater gets stuck up in the gutter, the debris weight causes a system gap. This affects areas such as-

  • Shingles that cover the house
  • Soffits that protect the roof and keep moisture away from attics
  • Roof ventilation fascias

Water logging also causes mould deposits as well as algae growth on the walls. This leads to peeling off of the paint as well.

Foundation Cracks

When you regularly clean up your gutters, you ensure that your foundation is protected against cracks. Gunk-filled gutters tend to erode the landscaping.

When there is excessive water that saturates the ground, this causes soil expansion and pushes against your foundation. Once the soil dries up, this causes contraction in the foundation. The expansion along with contraction actually puts a strain on the foundation. When you work towards maintaining the gutters, you can easily prevent extensive work that might destroy the foundation and basement.


Maintaining gutters and cleaning these can help deter any excess water from standing still. It becomes a breeding ground for various insects. Moreover, when there are excess leaves inside the gutters, there could be the possibility of rodents ganging up to nets inside as well.

Frequency Of Gutter Cleanups

Gutter cleaning
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Gutter cleanups are best suggested a couple of times a year. The right time to do these cleanups could be anytime once the fall of tree leaves occurs. However, you can also clean up during the spring season if there are excess fall leaves.

Cost Of Cleanups

The average cost involved in gutter cleaning ranges between 120-220 dollars.  If you plan to DIY, make sure you have the right set of tools such as a ladder, bucket, protective gear, work gloves and a garden hose.

However, it is always best to hire professional cleaners for the same. DIY projects increase the chances of falls and injuries.

Summing Up- How Professionals Handle Gutter Cleaning?

Professionals have a number of tools that work best to help clean gutters in the right way.  Moreover, the vacuums such professionals use are all industrial grade. This ensures that the gutters stay clean for a long time since there is a deep cleaning done the right way!

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