Tips for Upcoming Fashion Brands to Find Clients on Instagram

Fashion is a phenomenally popular and successful business on Instagram, and it obtains a minimum of 100-plus comments and over 16,000 likes per post on average. Moreover, you cannot undermine the impact of Instagram fashion profiles on the minds of fashion aficionados.   

As per, fashion designing is certainly a challenging but rewarding profession. Fashion designers become aware that they could achieve success either as an entrepreneur trying to establish their unique fashion brand choosing to face the challenges of marketing, production, e-commerce, etc., all on their own.  The rest opt for leveraging the reputation and resources of high-flying brands and start designing for a renowned company that often restricts their creative scope and control.

Instagram promises huge potential for fashion designers who set up their own businesses and introduce their own clothing line. If statistics were to be believed, one-third of Instagram users bought clothing they came across on Instagram and could not take their eyes off it. That is a whopping 265 million customers or even more. So for every aspiring fashion designer looking to promote their own unique line of clothing without the expertise of an Instagram Manager, here are a few Instagram tips to boost your fashion brand.

Your Instagram Profile Must Reflect Your Style

Find clients on Instagram

You must ensure that everyone who comes to your profile could see your specific style of work. It would help if you focused on sharing only those photos that demonstrate your style clearly. This could be achieved by ensuring that all the pictures you are sharing on Instagram highlight your unique patterns and colour schemes. You may stick to the same filters for all your photographs to maintain consistency in the visual style. Clients looking for your kind of style would surely get in touch with you at once.

Understand the Ideal Posting Frequency for Your Post

Experts recommend that you avoid posting more than a couple of times every day since people may not pay the desired attention to all your posts. However, you need to maintain a fine balance between posting frequency and consistency not to lose followers. Research findings have revealed that around two to three posts every week could fetch good results. However, it would be best if you keep experimenting with the posting timings and frequencies. Remember never to share multiple posts.

It is a great and far more effective strategy to space out your posts over an extended time, and you could surely see the difference. Your potential clients would be bowled over with your consistency and contact you whenever a project comes up. Some fashion brands might want to try AiGrow to buy Instagram followers and likes with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Do Not Forget Sales is Key

A major mistake that fashion designers often make on Instagram is forgetting to include directions on how to purchase the things that visitors see on their account. It would help if you always kept in mind that there is a provision on Instagram to incorporate a URL into your bio. The link essentially leads to your website. You could leave instructions with every post like ‘DM us to know the price and available sizes’ or ‘To buy, please check out the URL provided in our bio.’ These instructions, when included in every post you share, could boost conversions dramatically. 

Leverage Instagram as a Platform to Interact & Network

Find clients on Instagram

You may be using this powerful platform for showcasing your new line of clothing and trying to sell your unique creations. However, you may capitalise that Instagram is a robust social networking site hence; you must use it to communicate with your target audience. Moreover, you get massive opportunities to meet people related to your line of work, including fashion photographers, journalists, fashion show organisers, fashionistas, or some other fashion designers. By effectively networking on Instagram, you could come across new offers, new projects, and assignments that may work fabulously for your fashion brand.

Take Maximum Advantage of Instagram Fashion Influencers

There are numerous fashion influencers on Instagram. The fact is these influencers have a tremendous amount of influence or control over the popularity of fashion brands or products online. If you could get in touch with them, you could tell them about your brand and all your unique creations.  If some influencers are impressed with your line of clothing, you could be immensely benefited. You would have easy access to their followers. You could win over influencers by officially hiring their services, becoming friendly with them, showering them with free samples of your work, etc.


You must examine available options and start experimenting with fresh new ideas so that your fashion brand is a huge hit on the platform and ultimately helps you find clients on Instagram. Once your unique fashion brand gains momentum, you would achieve a boost in engagement, existing followers, and interest coming from partners and potential customers. Never feel scared to experiment with something new.

Tips for upcoming fashion brands to find clients on Instagram

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