The ultimate guide to choosing affordable wallpaper

First of all, bat off the myth that wallpaper is a costly affair. Installing, removing, and maintaining wallpaper is affordable indeed. And you can choose any design you want, for the interior or the exterior of the house. Installing a brick structure or marble or stone may cost a lot, but with brick wallpaper, renovation becomes much more affordable. And it is not going anywhere for at least five to six years. Where we can make a mistake is choosing wallpapers that are not affordable. Here is a quick guide to saving you from an expensive choice.

Understand the value of wallpaper as per the area it covers

The ultimate guide to choosing affordable wallpaper 1

Wallpapers are the coverings sold by the rolls, where each roll covers about 60 square footage. The prices mentioned in the catalogue or website are generally per role. And every company has a different role size that covers the room. For example, if you need two rolls of wallpaper from one company to cover one wall. For the same design, you may require three rolls for another company. It can increase the unexpected cost. So choose the wallpaper after calculating the area of the wall.

Change the interior of the room – if required

If your room shape is rectangular, which it generally is, you can shift your furniture to change the focus wall from a longer one to a smaller one. This can easily cut the area of wallpaper installation, further downsizing the cost.

Decide the room and wall on which you install the wallpaper

Before purchasing the wallpaper, check the chosen wall’s condition. Check if it needs repairs or not. Major repairs for the preparation of wallpaper installation can leave you with surprising costs. And if not checked on time, the cost to be incurred is after the installation.  

Consider the busyness and moisture in the room

Wallpapers may be utilized, practically in every room in the house, but there are some considerations to make. Vinyl-coated wallpaper, for example, is incredibly resilient and simple to maintain. It has been coated to repel moisture and grime, so use it in high-traffic areas of your home. It may also be used in kitchens and baths, but avoid areas with direct moisture exposure, such as the shower or a bathroom with poor ventilation. Some wallpapers are made up of both natural and synthetic fibres. Because steam and moisture might harm it, it should only be used in low-traffic areas and dry spaces. If you use a good sealant and adhesive, humidity won’t cause any damage. Daily steam from the shower, for example, can cause the paper to rip, but if you live in a tropical city, you shouldn’t have any concerns. A leak that is not addressed, on the other hand, will cause mayhem. Waterproofing is a basic necessity.

Keep in view the installation cost


In addition, there is a fee for installation, which covers both supplies and labour. The surface must be smooth, clean, and free of any leaks or dampness. It may also require sanding, priming, and the use of lining paper. The wallpaper must be correctly cut and installed without bubbles, wrinkles, or overlaps. Depending on the weather, drying time might take up to 24 hours.

Minimal surface preparation is undeniable

Wallpaper is fairly tolerant when it comes to diverse surfaces. It may be used on plasterboard, concrete, timber panelling, new and old plaster, tile, and laminate, among other materials. But still, the possibility of minimal preparation cannot be ruled out. Make sure it is not heavy on the pocket.

Minor repairs are feasible

Small rips can occur in any wallpaper, no matter how nice it is. Pet damage and nicks from shifting furniture may be heart-breaking. Don’t panic; in most circumstances like this, a touch-up is achievable, and you can simply repair the damaged section. The region can be simply replaced with an identical pattern, but this needs a great deal of attention, so better to leave it to the professionals.

 With more creative and textural detail, any wallpaper is sure to mimic the appearance and feel of the material you require on your wall. Wallpaper is a terrific way to give your walls or décor a new look at a fifth of the cost only if you choose your wallpaper wisely.

The ultimate guide to choosing affordable wallpaper 2

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