The Ultimate Guide for Picking the Best Bridesmaid Robes

Sure, it’s not easy having that pre-wedding jitters fluttering in your stomach. Add to that are tons of mundane work you must fulfil before having that magical wedding you have always dreamt of. But here is one seemingly cathartic process—even the most enjoyable preparation among all the other nitty-gritty details for that awaited day—picking the bridesmaid robes and tuning into the most carefree version of yourself when you finally hang out with your favourite girls for the photo op! Or really, anything you have in mind doing with them.

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Since it is your and your partner-to-be’s day, you get to pick the bridesmaid robes for your ladies. It’s high time you think about how the robes would fit your wedding theme. But who said you are going to do the task alone? Pick one of your girlies for a second opinion. After all, on your wedding day, you want all your bridesmaids to be at their gorgeous peak, although not as stunning and slaying as you. Every bride, and admit it, as well as you, would want to be the head turner in the aisle or the main venue because it is all about you and your knight-in-shining-armour, after all.

Giddy aside, here are some tips for choosing the best bridesmaid robes for your most awaited day:

It’s All About Your Theme and Personality

To which do you gravitate the most—luxury or comfort? It is both for bridesmaid robes, as long as you choose textiles such as cotton, polyester, and, last but not least, satin robes. You have three basic robe options by this time—spa, wrap, and kimono. Some rare non-conventional themes include pyjama shorties, long button-down shirts, or even rompers.

Whichever you choose, make sure your bridesmaid set fits your personality and theme. Almost all the time, spa robes, usually made of cotton, are the eye-stealers for most brides. They combine comfort and class as they are looser and more convenient—you pick one size, and they fit into all your girls.

Next in line are wrap robes, usually made of polyester, thinner and lighter, but if you happen to have those made of rayon and acetate, you may have to be very careful of creases and wrinkles. With the latter textiles, dry cleaning is a must. With all the care you have to put in, it is not much of a go-to option for your Instagram pre-wedding photo ops.

Lastly, you have kimono robes, which go between spa and wrap robes. They’re characterized by their above-the-knee length and loose sleeves just a few inches below the elbow. But it’s your choice. Whatever makes your girls exude their highest confidence and glow, go for it.

Budget Is One Thing to Consider

Bridesmaid Robes

Wedding expenses are not a joke. If you are into lowering the cost of other aspects of your wedding, then bridesmaid robes are one you might want to look into. For a tight budget, even a 25-dollar-worth set will already do. If you want to go all out, have it at more than $200, although it’s worth considering that a higher price doesn’t always mean high quality.

For incredible deals, try looking online. When you buy a bundle, such as a bridesmaids robes set of 6, there is always the chance you can buy them at discounted prices. Just keep window shopping online; soon enough, you’ll land at shops with the perfect deals—low prices while living up to the quality they promise.

The Robes Can Be Your Most Valuable Gift

Why do you buy bridesmaid robes in the first place? It is to give them away that whenever they look at the stuff, they can recall the time you legally bound yourself to your significant other. Yes, the robes need to resonate with your personality and, most especially, theme, but you will also want to give your girls a gift for a lifetime, not just photos.

Keeping this in mind, consider choosing colours that will last even several years from your wedding. There is no need to stick to the same colour throughout each role. You can have different colours for your maid of honour, bridesmaids, and other entourage members, not necessarily abiding by your bridal robe’s colour.

As for the bride, choose a different colour from the rest, maybe just a slight change in the palette, so that you are better distinguishable in your photos.

The Robes’ Length Matters Too

Bridal parties are not long gown runways unless it’s what you want. But generally, the best ones are not that short and not that long. Ideally, they should have at least 32 inches in length between the neck base and the bottom hem. Anything shorter than that could be problematic.

Robes that shorten up when they are wrapped around the body and secured through a belt are usually the best choice. To give your bridesmaids the best fit, ensure that you have already measured each size before ordering a set. Of course, you will want each one to look good and fit with her robe.

Monogram Is Lit

Bridesmaid Robes

There is no other way to maintain their difference, even when wearing similarly styled robes but monograms. Embroidery may be able to nail the classy side, but when it comes to making it more meaningful and customized, an embed of their initials or names can make all the difference. That is if you want to give those robes as a heartfelt gift.

Putting a monogram of your initials in your ladies’ robe is just as valuable a memento. Not only can you put monograms of your initials or first names in your tokens, but you can also embroider the robes. Giving them personalized robes through monograms while ensuring their quality will last for years is already a grand gift.

To make it all grander, wrap the robe gifts using wrapping colours derived from your wedding theme, giving them a real picture-perfect look.

Mum Is The Second Queen of the Day

And, of course, don’t forget about your mum, the bride’s mother. But as of now, you already have two moms—don’t leave out your mother-in-law too! Get them happily involved in the robe you give them and the hair and makeup stage.

Having had her measurements, give your mom the most beautiful gesture—a well-wrapped bridal party robe, and if you like, with her monogrammed initials. You certainly would not want this very important person left out!

It’s all about your and your ladies’ comfort, confidence, and elegance. Set aside your pre-wedding jitters and anxieties! Everything will certainly work out well in the end.

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