Teaching your family about renewable energy

Renewable energy is often called the way to the future, so it only makes sense that families should want to teach their children about it as they get older. Green is not just a way to get electricity; it is a way of life. So the earlier that you start to teach your kids about it, the more likely they will be to stick with it. Here’s how you can help your kids embrace the future.

How to teach your family about renewable energy

Teaching your family about renewable energy 1
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1. Keep it simple

If you sit your kids down and begin talking about carbon emissions or greenhouse gases, they will probably be lost within the first few seconds. It is important to simplify your language when explaining why it is so important to use greenenergy. A good place to start is by explaining how we can get energy from the rays of the sun, the wind, and the movement of water. As the kids get older, you can start to use more scientific explanations so that they are able to connect it with what they are learning in school.

2. Get them involved

Doing is the best way to learn, and taking your kids on “green” field trips is bound to have more impact than simply telling them about being green. Start with something small, such as recycling plastic water bottles, soda cans, and paper. Learning how to sort these types of trash is a basic skill for any green consumer. As a bonus, you could also arrange a trip to a recycling plant so that the kids get to see what happens to all of the materials after they recycle them. This will give them a greater sense of power as they learn that they are actually a part of a bigger scheme.

3. Set a good example

It is not simply enough to tell your kids about renewable energy; you should also explain how the house they live in is powered by renewable energy. This means that you should take the time to switch if you haven’t already. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as installing solar panels or mini wind turbines. A simple phone call to your energy provider should do the trick.

4. Start an energy-saving program at home

As a tie-in to good energy, you should also work with the entire family to think of ways that everyone can help save energy. Start by giving your kids a few examples, such as not leaving the refrigerator door open or turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth, and then see what kind of examples they can come up with. If it helps, make a huge chart that the whole family can decorate together, and then display it prominently in your home so that everyone can be reminded of the steps they can take to save energy.

The key to teaching your family about renewable energy is to make the information accessible, make the key points applicable to everyday life, and make it fun for everyone. As long as you keep these several concepts in mind, your entire family will be on the green bandwagon in no time.

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