Postpartum Healing with Yoni Eggs

A lot of care, focus, and attention is given to a woman’s birthing process. After that comes caring for the baby itself. It is easy for a woman to neglect her yoni in the aftermath of what can be a traumatic birth.

Yoni eggs restore vaginal elasticity after childbirth, making a woman’s personal recovery not just something that is swept aside but rather nurtured. She feels empowered as she tones her vaginal muscles, while simultaneously facilitating any energetic healing that needs to occur.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs After Pregnancy

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Women who have given birth will sometimes experience some degree of incontinence or even small intestine or rectal prolapse. It is not something that is commonly discussed as there is a fair degree of shame surrounding when a woman’s yoni – the source of her birthing power – will go back to normal.

Complications with a woman’s bladder, uterus, and vagina after childbirth are treated with medication and/or surgery by the traditional western medical world. While not disputing the role that modern science has to play in dealing with a woman’s postpartum healing, the benefits of daily use of a yoni egg can work wonders in restoring a woman’s chi (life force) and self-confidence.

The list of benefits includes (but is not limited to):

Postpartum healing

Increasing blood circulation

This can help repair nerve endings damaged during labour. Increasing lymph flow. A woman’s pelvic area can atrophy after childbirth, leading to a stunted flow of healthy fluids, oxygen, and nutrition.

Increasing hormonal balance

This is a knock-on effect from increased pelvic stimulation and exercises with yoni eggs, as the symptoms of PMS are reduced.

Increased stimulation of vaginal reflexology points. A woman’s second chakra (known as the Sacral Chakra) is situated in her yoni. This area is also of great importance in reflexology, so working with a yoni egg to create an energetic lift at one of the key energetic centres is invaluable.

Cultivation of divine feminine energy

This is a delightful consequence of shifting a woman’s energetic life force as she re-engages with her sensuality.

Increased libido

Oftentimes a woman won’t feel like lovemaking for months after giving birth, seeing her role change to that as a caregiver for her child. Daily work with yoni eggs allows her to intimately, gently, and on her own time, re-discover her sexual appetite. This of course can have a profound impact on a woman’s relationship with her sexual partner too.

Aid in the energetic clearing of sexual and childbirth-related trauma

If a woman’s yoni is not engaged with and becomes a ‘dead zone’ after childbirth, it runs the risk of being a drawer where you lock away your troubles, secrets, and shame. Provided a woman is diligent and patient in her daily practice, the self-nurturing benefits and positive setting of intentions will create an energetic lift throughout her whole body, making her feel years younger, healthier, and ready to continue her journey as a mother.

What is the Physical Practice of Yoni Eggs?


Women have the power not just to give birth, but also to tone and strengthen their pelvic floor. The muscle that requires exercise is known as the Kegel muscle. A yoni egg is used by gently being inserted into the vagina, further facilitating the strengthening of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms.

These diaphragms serve as the floor to a woman’s sexual organs as well as all her vital organs. A weak diaphragm and weak Kegel muscle lead to a woman’s life-force energy resting upon her perineum, rather than holding their own weight. Think of it as an oversized belly that is resting on the belt of the pants instead of the stomach and its organs supporting itself.

A strong Kegel muscle (often referred to as the PC muscle) and diaphragm keep things firm and tight in the area around your pelvic floor. Practising for 5 to 10 minutes a day will allow a woman to regain tightness that has been lost during childbirth, not to mention vaginal sensitivity too.

The recommended time to recommence (or begin) your practice with yoni eggs postpartum is usually six weeks. This is once any tissue trauma or tearing has healed.

Yoni eggs are made from semi-precious gemstone or crystal. They carry their own spiritual energy that works well with a woman’s most sacred space. Any residual negativity is released by working with a yoni egg, rather than ignoring that part of a woman’s body which allows for trauma (even unconscious) to be locked in.

Yoni eggs have a powerful role to play in a woman’s journey back to rediscovering her divine feminine power after pregnancy. All it takes is some tender loving care.

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