My Favourite Healing Crystal Lamps

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan and believer of healing crystals – I even taught a workshop this week on the benefits of healing crystals. It’s one of my favourite things to talk about!!

I love one thing even more: finding some terrific deals on healing crystals that I can buy for friends and loved ones to bring healing powers to their lives, too and at Conscious Items, you can get some AMAZING deals. So without further ado, here are my favourite healing crystal lamps – at the moment, it’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free across the whole site!

Golden Lamp of Wealth – Citrine Tree

Healing Crystal Lamps

Citrine is well known for changing your money mindsets, alleviating self-doubt, and spurring its users with personal strength and limitless potential to create and make as much money as possible. Clear Quartz flowers come from the base of the citrine crystal to boost its remarkable traits. But on its own, Quartz allows your ambitions to influence you, amplifies them, and encourages you to take inspired action.

The Citrine Tree is beautifully positioned on a wooden base with a flower of life-inspired Conscious Items logo; this prosperity lamp sets the stage for vast law of attraction practices and manifestations.

Affirmation: Every time you turn on the lamp, repeat: “Everything that this light touches is blessed with bountiful miracles and endless abundance.”

Wealth Goddess – The Divine Feminine Lamp

Healing Crystal Lamps

The Wealth Goddess has your back covered with all the crystals to increase your wealth luck: The Stone of the Goddess, Turquoise allows you to step into your most confident feminine energy and attunes you to money and success. Citrine attracts luck and opportunity into your life, while Amethyst and Calcite instantly draw wealth to you. They are combined with Chalcedony and Desert Rose’s sweet, feminine energies to make you a wealth magnet and enhance your ability to listen to your heart throughout the process. 

To top it all off, Rose Quartz and Pink Opal provide a gentle, radiant glow that you can wear confidently while on your way to the bank.

Affirmation: Every time you turn on this lamp, repeat this empowering mantra a few times to reaffirm your true nature, “I am a Wealth Goddess.”

The Sacred Protection Lamp

Healing Crystal Lamps

These eight powerful gemstones, combined with the golden mandala’s sacred geometry engraved into the lamp’s base, make this sacred protection lamp perfect for beginners and experts alike. 

Use the cleansing power of a Selenite crystal point to improve the atmosphere of your space. It eliminates negative energy and cleanses it. Black Obsidian, the Guardian Stone, helps you become aware of the subconscious negative energy you’ve been absorbing and gives you the strength to reflect it consciously.

Labradorite allows you to release negative thoughts, while hematite opens the door to your soul’s centre and grounds your power. Malachite fortifies your inner strength and activates the heart chakra, while turquoise helps you understand why you’re unique and articulate yourself clearly. Tiger’s Eye protects you from the evil eye and enhances your self-esteem, whereas Sodalite blocks EMF radiation and eases insomnia.

Selenite Cleansing Lamp

Healing Crystal Lamps

The moon does not create its own light; it reflects that of the sun. Likewise, the Selenite Cleansing Lamp may appear to light your room, but what truly reflects within you is the light. It purifies aspects of your soul that aren’t beneficial to your well-being.

If the crystals in your jewellery feel like they’re losing their touch or their vibrant energy, place them under the Selenite Cleansing Lamp’s glow and leave it until nighttime. Leave it under the lamp all night to benefit from the energy of the Selenite. It is the ultimate crystal cleanser.

Selenite is among the most ancient stones in removing long-standing physical energies. Known to Greeks as the goddess of the moon, Selenite fulfils your inner tides, allowing you to maintain a cool demeanour.

The gemstone induces a solitary and tranquil mental state perfect for meditation. As it removes impurities from other crystals, it also removes impurities from your mind, body and spirit. Put it on your desk while working from home to have a clear mind.

Great offers at Conscious Items

If you’re looking to buy healing crystals for yourself, your friends or your family, this is the time to do it. Conscious Items have some fantastic deals until 2nd December, so don’t delay. To summarise, these are the deals you do not want to miss out on!

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