Lime Crime is Under New Management

The world of fashion is all about change. Each year and indeed each month are different. Today’s fashion industry retailers are fully aware of the need to stay on top of contemporary trends in fashion. Many retailers not only look to be ahead of the curve. They look to set it up. Such has long been the case with Lime Crime. This fantastically unique company has long been the haven of one woman and her personal vision. Over a decade ago, she began to experiment with outrageously colored cosmetics. What was once a hobby quickly became a passion. As her passion grew, she decided it was possible to share her vision with others. Doe Deere quickly watched in amazement that her own personal, quirky ideas took flight. Today, her company is one of world’s leading cosmetics retailers not only in the United States but in many dozens of countries around the world.


A New Direction

As her company has grown, she has not remained static. Her creativity has been ever ready to look for new ways to create items she knows her fans will adore. At the same time, keeping up with the needs of a multinational business venture have come to take up more and more of her time. It is with this realization in mind that she and her fellow officials at the company have come to understand that outside sources of capital funding may be necessary. Those who watch the industry closely are not surprised to learn that Lime Crime has been acquired by another company. The new company, Tengram Capital Partners, is a company with a long history of success in the retailing field. Just like Doe Deere, officials here fully understand the need to keep with fashion. This is why the company is a perfect fit with the present day management.

New Retail Partnerships

The new management is one that plans to focus closely on many areas of the company’s business model. Online sales have always been an integral part of Deere’s company. Indeed, she is one of the foremost pioneers in the world of retail makeup sales. Her fans are happy to buy her products from her online website. At the same time, it is also apparent that there is a market for their products just waiting to be tapped. This is why the new owners look to retail stores for potential growth. They want new clients to become aware of the wonderful looks and amazing products they sell. Retailing, along with online partnerships, is very much the wave of the future for company growth. Shoppers today have increasingly come to see both as an outlet for their personal needs. If they can’t find something online, they will look in retail shops. The same is true of products they can’t find in the stores. At Tengram Capital Partners, they are aware of this synergy.


Changes in Staffing

Part of the new plans for the company include changes in staffing. Officials are pleased to announce that Doe Deere has agreed to remain part of her company. Her vision of a world filled with wonderful colors has been a vital part of the company since it was first founded. Deere brings a much needed energy that helps staffers find their own creative world. Tengram Capital Partners is bringing in Stacy Panagakis to take the helm. She has long been an admirer of Lime Crime. As she takes charge, she looks forward to working closely with everyone at the company. Clearly new horizons are on the market that will included continued growth and many happy new fans.


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