Is Instant Coffee Good Or Bad – Here’s The Truth

Coffee is considered the most popular beverage worldwide— with two billion cups being consumed day after day, as seen on this page

For many people, this drink has become part of their routine. Whether you’re driving to work with your travel mug or rushing out after a morning workout to get a skinny latte, it isn’t easy to imagine your day without one. 

Is Instant Coffee Good Or Bad - Here's The Truth

In the morning, people drink coffee to start their day, and some might even continue to consume additional cups following lunch and throughout the afternoon. Because it helps people stay awake, it is the most convenient – and perhaps the most prominent reason they drink it. After all, it’s a fantastic beverage for keeping you on your toes all day long! It can help you stay awake and stimulate your brain, which can be beneficial.

Also, we all know coffee has health benefits, too. However, is instant coffee still good for you? 

What Makes Instant Coffee Better

Instant coffee is somehow a divisive topic among coffee enthusiasts. Some believe it is a weaker option and mock-up. But some say otherwise.

But in reality, instant coffee also has several advantages over a cup of regular joe. An instant variation is a type of coffee made from a whole extract that has been roasted, ground, and brewed. Like the process of making a regular one, the ground beans are brewed, although at a higher concentration. Once the water has been removed from the brewed beans, the dehydrated crystals or powder are extracted. When you add water to both of these, it will dissolve and transform back into coffee.

Caffeine Content

Both instant and regular variation might sound pretty much the same to you. Still, the caffeine content is the main thing that differs from the variation.

Have you ever been baffled as to how people can chug cup after cup of instant java? At the same time, you’re wholly stimulated by a single cup of latte you purchased from a café in your place? This is because the caffeine content in an instant variation is less than a regular one. 

As we all know, caffeine is a component of a coffee that makes it addicting. Yes, it stays you up. It calms you down. And it stimulates you. 

However, consuming caffeine in a large amount may negatively impact your health. Regardless of the variety, it would be best to remember that there is a limit to how much caffeine you can consume daily. Generally, it is better to drink a small amount for maximum benefit than to consume too much only to experience unpleasant adverse effects.

Based on research, too much caffeine may cause the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Sleeping difficulties

Convenience And Affordability

This variation is made by mixing the powder with hot water in a manner similar to that of instant tea making. It may take only a couple of seconds. 

Whether you’re running late for work or you need a caffeine boost, an instant decaf will save the day by providing you with the caffeine boost you need. All you need is to get hot water, buy instant coffee, and bring a mug and a spoon. Mix the product with water, and you’re done!

In addition, when compared to regular ones, it costs less. It also has a very long shelf life, which makes it more practical. You can bring it anywhere you would like.

Less Waste


This may surprise you, but this variation is considered more environmentally friendly than brewing a regular joe. According to research, brewing whole beans creates only half of the emissions of drip preparation. 

Aside from the manufacturing waste, instant coffee produces no byproducts, as opposed to the usual ones, which require the disposal of used ground beans and equipment cleaning. 

Getting The Same Benefits As The Regular One

Of course, having a regular coffee is different, first of all. A traditional brew contains the most significant source of antioxidants best for the modern’s diet. It is made with lots of antioxidants, which are associated with health benefits.

You might wonder, do instant coffees contain these nutrients, too?

Well, the answer is yes!

Like a regular one, an instant joe can give you the same natural antioxidants. Based on one study, it may even contain higher concentrations of some antioxidants present due to how it is processed. It is considered a low-calorie beverage and a healthy alternative. 

Furthermore, a standard cup holds only seven calories and trace amounts of potassium, niacin, and magnesium, all of which are essential nutrients (link: Even a single instant can provide you with a significant daily dose of antioxidants that may aid in the development of a more robust immune system. Several studies also reported that coffee consumption had been linked to various health diseases by preventing the chance of occurrence. 

Something To Take Note Of

The instant variation contains higher amounts of acrylamide than usual ones. This is usually the byproduct of roasting ground beans, so scientists said there’s still no way to reduce this chemical. Too much acrylamide can cause cancer risk. 

Tolerable consumption of acrylamide may be set at 182 micrograms for a 70 kg body. If you’re wondering if you should be concerned, of course, this can be harmful to you. However, if you limit your consumption to not more than 5 cups of coffee, then it would be fine, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

There’s much more to study about the connection between acrylamide, cancer, and this beverage, which is still not proven. Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk for some types of cancer.

Also, caffeine tolerance may vary from person to person. So make sure to listen to how your body will react to it. Some complications may be common for those who can’t tolerate what’s inside a cup of java. 

Lastly, drinking your cup of joe close to bedtime may not be a good idea. Coffee consumption was first associated with insomnia over a hundred years ago. As a result, it is preferable not to consume one at night. It is recommended that you do not drink coffee more than 6 hours before bedtime to avoid disrupting your sleeping pattern.

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    October 17 at 1:56 pm

    This is so interesting! I always think instant isn’t as good!

  • She Might Be

    October 17 at 1:57 pm

    The affordability is definitely a plus!

  • Sophie

    October 17 at 1:58 pm

    Now I feel better about my instant coffee!

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