How Well do Pet Hotels Take Care of Your Dog?

If you want to find a pet hotel that will look after your dog while you’re away, you may want to know what services and perks to expect. By the end of this article, you’ll know what to look for when choosing a pet hotel for your furry friend.

How Well do Pet Hotels Take Care of Your Dog?

How well do pet hotels take care of your dog? The short answer is that the best providers can take excellent care of your pup, just as with any service. However, other pet hotels only offer the minimum, which for some dogs won’t be enough.

Let’s take a look at the essential provisions for any pet hotel worth its salt – you can then have your checklist ready when making your booking.

Safety first

Unlike conventional hotels that accept dogs along with their owners, most pet hotels offer round-the-clock care for your furry friend. Even vet boarding services don’t necessarily have staff on hand at all hours, so pet hotels have a big advantage in providing knowledgeable staff 24/7: your added peace of mind!

In addition, most pet hotels will screen their prospective guests to make sure they aren’t carrying any illnesses. Most boarding kennels won’t take a dog with a known contagious disease, but some conditions are harder to spot as they don’t always show symptoms, so find a pet hotel that uses this screening process to keep your dog safe.

An established, healthy routine

Dog hotel

Your dog will most likely have someone assigned to them to make sure that they settle in nicely. Dog hotels have established routines that give the dogs security, as they’ll quickly know what to expect, and they’ll have their dedicated person look after them and earn their trust.

Perhaps your dog will miss you, but pet hotel staff usually have sufficient experience working with dogs, and they are very good at approaching all kinds of dogs with patience, compassion, and understanding.

In addition to a healthy routine, some pet hotels have a chef on hand who prepares well-balanced meals for your pup. So your dog may well eat better on their ‘holiday’ than when at home!

Spacious accommodation

In addition to fancy extras such as a ‘spa,’ pool, play area, or doggie TV. Some venues have raised pet beds for your dog’s extra comfort and viewing pleasure.

Ensure the pet hotel you choose has plenty of room for all dogs, including separate areas for each dog to be on their own when they need to rest.

Dog daycare

Dog daycare allows your dog to have a few precious hours of play with other dogs. But, just like us, your dog will want to socialise rather than be left alone, so this service is essential for your pup’s happiness while you’re away.

Dog daycare is usually provided at pet hotels that cater to dogs only, as those that accept cats are – understandably – reluctant to have dogs wandering freely when cats are about.

If you are worried about how well your dog will get along with other dogs, don’t worry. Dogs that don’t get along are easily separated – without impacting the amount of socialisation or exercise provided to each pup.


Doggy daycare

Some pet hotels offer to groom. If your dog needs regular grooming, this will be essential for you.

Final recommendations

Here are some final tips as to how to find the best pet hotel in your area. You could start by:

  • Checking which dog hotels are closest to you
  • Looking at online feedback and customer reviews for the places you like the look of
  • Asking family, friends, or posting on social media requesting recommendations (people love to help!)

When you’ve narrowed your search down to a few places, go and visit them first. Here’s what to look for on your trip:

  • Make sure the dog hotel smells clean and has a good air circulation system throughout
  • Look at other dogs who are there: do they seem happy? Are they well-groomed and clean?
  • Look at the staff: are they interacting with the dogs?
  • Do the dog rooms have temperature control?
  • What facilities are there for play and recreation? Are they in good working order?
  • What kind of bedding is in the rooms – dog beds? Cots? Other types of bedding?
  • Are there cameras set up to allow you to check on your furry friend online?

Above all, go with your gut instinct. You know your dog best, and you’ll quickly get a feel for the right place for them to enjoy their stay.

How Well do Pet Hotels Take Care of Your Dog? 1

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