How to Raise a Science Lover

The majority of children naturally absorb all things science around them in their daily lives, but it’s crucial to know that knowing and loving science is not just because it’s a part of the school curriculum.

Science isn’t always about the human body, physics, and chemical fusion laws, but it promotes students to think proactively, allowing them to solve problems and tackle difficult environments.

Here are the best ways to help to raise a science lover, courtesy of this Independent School in Surrey.

Encourage a science-friendly environment

Most children are inquisitive and open within the home, and while they’re out and about, providing them with additional ways to explore will make them feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Make your home and garden a place where their inner-scientist can flourish, continually ask them questions, and allow them to engage with you about the world – whether it is related to science or not.

Sci-Fi films

Sci-Fi films
Photo by Nathan Duck on Unsplash

A great medium for children to learn more about science is in sci-fi movies. Sure, many experiments can’t be conducted in real life, but the ideas and execution will make kids curious.

There are plenty of child-friendly films available to use, as well as TV programmes. Why not allow them to choose a movie each week? Then they’re learning about something they know they’ll enjoy.

Science-related reading

Bring plenty of reading material into the home. There are hundreds of science books you can buy that will interest your child – from books about the human body to fun experiments you can try at home.

Better yet, you could always take your child to the local library to let them choose their own books. As there are so many different strands of science to consider, you can allow your child to pick and choose what books would interest them.

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