How to Keep Your Taps Sparkling Clean

Whether in a kitchen or bathroom, the taps are the one item we use the most without even realizing it. We think we use the soap or cleaner the most, but as it turns out, we need water to clean anything – and that comes from the taps! Whether it is to brush teeth, wash your face or hands, or clean junk on your collar – different things keep splashing on the taps, making them look dirty with time. Besides that, dirt and residue may also start to accumulate on these things as they are used daily.

While none of us has the time or energy to keep the taps in shape, sometimes they become too unsightly to ignore! When it comes to that, have you ever thought about how to clean them?

Let’s look at some easy ways to clean your taps to make them look as good as new!

White Vinegar

How to Keep Your Taps Sparkling Clean
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White vinegar is one of the most commonly used cleaning agents in any household. It works best for cleaning taps and faucets that lose their original shine and form a chalky buildup with time. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to clean your taps at home using white vinegar:

  1. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and hot water in a bowl.
  2. Dip a cloth in the mixture for a while and use it for cleaning.
  3. Let the mixture sit on the taps for an hour.
  4. Rewash them with normal water.
  5. Make sure to dry the taps to avoid rusting.

You may also bring back the lustrous look of your taps and faucets by cleaning them with white vinegar and a soft cloth or toothbrush.

Baking Soda

Another cleaning agent that makes sure that all the stubborn stains disappear from your kitchen and bathroom taps is baking soda. You can follow the below procedure to know how to use it.

  1. Take equal quantities of baking soda and water in a bowl.
  2. Mix both the ingredients well and apply them to the taps.
  3. Let it sit there for a few minutes before scrubbing.
  4. Now take a toothbrush and start cleaning the junk.
  5. When everything is done, wash the taps with normal water.
Bicarbonate of Soda
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Dishwashing Soap

The accumulation of stains over taps and faucets due to consistent usage can make them look dull and old over time. But no need to worry when you have a powerful weapon just a few inches away! Yes, we are talking about the soap you use to clean your dishes! Because you can use it to clear away any junk or residue buildup from your taps as well.

  1. Mix equal quantities of dishwashing soap and warm water in a bowl.
  2. Take a cloth or sponge and dip it in the solution for a few seconds.
  3. Start cleaning the taps just as you would clean the dishes.
  4. When you are done, buff the tap with a dry cloth to make it sparkling clean!


Lemon works wonders whether you use it to clear the acne marks on your face or stubborn junk from your taps. The acid in lemon is a fantastic ingredient to remove stains or chalky buildup sitting on your kitchen and bathroom taps. However, you cannot pour lemon juice as it is on the taps hoping that the stains will clear magically. You have to follow a procedure to see the results.

If the water pressure in your taps and faucets has reduced significantly, the reason could be limescale. Follow the below procedure to use this ingredient to clean the taps properly:

  1. Pour one-half of a lemon over the calcified area.
  2. Let the juice stay in place for a few hours.
  3. When it starts dissolving, take a cloth to scrub off the buildup.
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Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth works the best on metal-plated taps. If the taps in your bathroom are made of metal, DO NOT use lemon or vinegar to clean them as they will ruin their lustrous look, which you won’t be able to bring back!

You may follow the below-mentioned procedure to bring back the sparkling shine of metal taps:

  1. Mix equal quantities of baking soda & water in a bowl.
  2. Take a sponge and dip it in the solution for cleaning.

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To Sum Up

A clean tap and faucet that shines whenever you turn the lights on can make your place look like it is worth a million dollars. However, these two places are often exposed to extreme temperatures, and over time, grime and gunk may start to build upon them. Along with that, they are also prone to microbial growth, which can cause stains and poor odours.

These are the reasons why you should clean your taps from time to time. Given you have all the ingredients, it will take you not more than twenty minutes to begin and finish.

How to Keep Your Taps Sparkling Clean 1

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