Caring for your skin as a busy mum

Mums always have so many things to do. From dropping the kids off at school and making packed lunches to cleaning the whole house and paying bills, it’s no surprise that your skin takes a backseat. But caring for your skin can not only boost your confidence but your overall well-being too. You’ll look and feel amazing with just a little bit of time and the right knowledge. 

Caring for your skin

But these days, skincare is so overwhelming. Influencers proudly show off their 12-step Korean routines; you just know you’ll never have the time or money for that. Luckily, basic skincare doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are some top tips on how to make it work for your lifestyle:

Consider a supplement

If you already have a skincare routine, but your skin isn’t glowing like it used to, it might be time to tackle the problem from the inside. You can improve your skin not just by using topical treatments but by taking supplements as well. While this is no replacement for a balanced diet, consider taking vitamin E, biotin, or Chaga mushrooms to help bring your skin back to its former glory.

Three steps to success

Caring for your skin

The minimum number of steps your skincare routine should be is three. This is manageable and will only add a few minutes to your current get-ready routine. The three steps are: cleanse, moisturise and apply sunscreen. Investing in an effective cleanser will help you wash away any dirt and makeup, leaving your skin a blank canvas free from build-ups. Your cleanser shouldn’t be too harsh, and it’s best to avoid bars of soap that will wash away your natural oils. Next, choose a moisturiser that matches the season. Most people use a lighter cream in summer and a heavier one in winter, but this will depend on your needs. 

Finally, sunscreen is non-negotiable all year round. The sun’s UV rays will cause damage to your skin no matter how cloudy it is. Buy a lightweight, invisible fluid if you don’t want to use a thick sun cream daily.

Work out your skin type

If you don’t know your skin type, even the best products may do more harm than good. Fortunately, you just need to work out your skin type once and then you’ll be good to go. You may already have a rough idea of whether your skin is dry or oily, but are you also dehydrated or is your complexion combination in some places? Spend time researching different skin types and finding the products that best match your results. Your skin type may change over the years as you get older, but typically it should be the same for a long period.

It’s easy to assume you’re too busy for skincare, but anyone can start and maintain a basic routine. Don’t worry too much about whether you’re doing everything right; even something is better than nothing.

Caring for your skin as a busy mum 1

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