6 Things You Should Renovate First When Moving In An Old Family House

When you get that family house passed down to you, it’s a mix of emotions. You’re excited to start your own memories there, but also overwhelmed with the thought of renovating everything. Which rooms should you start with? What will be the most important to update so that you can feel at home right away? Here is our list of the six most important things to renovate when moving into an old family house!

Check The Roof and Foundation

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The first thing you want to do is make sure the roof and foundation are in good shape. If there are any leaks or cracks, they need to be fixed right away. The last thing you want is for your new home to start falling apart before you even move in! Some useful tips for checking your roof include:

  • Inspect the roof from the ground with binoculars. 
  • Look for any missing, curled, or cracked shingles. 
  • Check for any moss or algae growth, which can indicate a leak.
  • Some useful tips for checking the foundation:
  • Look for cracks in the foundation, both inside and outside the house. 
  • Pay attention to any doors or windows that are sticking or hard to open and close. 
  • Check for water damage around the base of the house. 

If you notice any problems with the roof or foundation, be sure to contact a professional right away to get them fixed! You can read more information here about the different types of roofing problems. These are two of the most important things to renovate when moving into an old family house so make sure to take care of them first.

After ensuring the roof and foundation are intact, it’s also essential to check the pathway leading to your home. If you notice any issues, such as uneven slabs or potential tripping hazards, you may want to learn about how to fix an uneven sidewalk. A safe and smooth walkway not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures the safety of everyone coming to your home. It’s always best to address these problems early to avoid any accidents or further complications in the future.

Update the Plumbing and Electrical Systems

The next thing on your list should be the plumbing and electrical systems. These are two things that you definitely don’t want to DIY! If either of these systems is not up to code, it could be a major safety hazard. Some signs that you need to update the plumbing system include:

  • Leaky faucets or pipes 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Stained or rusty fixtures 
  • Water damage on the walls or ceilings 

As for the electrical system, some signs that it needs to be updated include: 

  • Outlets that don’t work 
  • Flickering lights 
  • Sparks from outlets or light fixtures  
  • A burning smell coming from outlets or light fixtures 

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact a professional right away. It’s important to have these things fixed before you move into your new home so that you can avoid any accidents!

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

Once the roof, foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems are all taken care of, you can start to focus on the cosmetic renovations. A fresh coat of paint is always a good place to start! You can either choose to paint the whole house one colour or pick out different colours for each room. This is also a great way to cover up any water damage, stains, or cracks that might be on the walls. 

If you’re not sure what colours to choose, we recommend looking for inspiration online or in magazines. Once you’ve picked out the perfect colours, it’s time to start painting! You can either do it yourself or hire a professional.

Choose New Flooring

The next thing you’ll want to do is choose new flooring. This is a big decision because there are so many different types of flooring to choose from! You’ll want to take into consideration the style of your house, the climate, and how much traffic each room gets when making your decision. Some popular options include hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet. Once you’ve chosen the perfect type of flooring for your home, it’s time to install it! 

Install New Windows and Doors

Doors and windows

Another important thing on our list is installing new windows and doors. This is another cosmetic renovation that can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. If you choose to install new windows, be sure to pick ones that are energy-efficient. This will help you save money on your energy bills! As for doors, you’ll want to make sure that they’re sturdy and secure. You can either buy new ones or refinish the existing doors.

Update The Kitchen And Bathroom

And last but not least, don’t forget to update the kitchen and bathroom! These are two of the most important rooms in any house so you’ll want to make sure they’re perfect before you move in. Change the tiles, paint the walls, update the fixtures, and add some new storage. You can either do all of this yourself or hire a professional.

These are just a few of the things you should renovate when moving into an old family house. With a little bit of work, you can turn an old house into a beautiful home! Make sure to start with the most important renovations first and then move on to the cosmetic ones. With a little bit of time and effort, you’ll have your new home looking just the way you want it!

6 Things You Should Renovate First When Moving In An Old Family House 1

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