11 Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends That Will Improve Your Space

So it seems to reason that you’d want your kitchen to be attractive and represent your style.

It’s no wonder. Therefore, that kitchen remodels are among the most popular home improvement projects today. According to our State of Home Spending Report, roughly 24 per cent of families completed a kitchen renovation project in 2021, a 5 per cent increase over 2020.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

House cooking is also on the increase, propelling the kitchen even farther into the limelight of home design. As home chefs improve at baking bread, making omelettes, and even tackling a coq au vin, the arrangement, appearance, and functioning of the kitchen become increasingly important to the convenience of everyday living. There are limitless lists of ideas and inspirations to update your space, but a few contemporary trends will both increase the usage of your kitchen and survive the test of time, such as including a custom range hood in your kitchen.

1. The L-Shaped Design

The ever-popular L-shaped kitchen design takes the lead this year, according to a National Kitchen and Bath Association survey. The plan, as the name indicates, places all countertops, appliances, and plumbing on two adjacent walls, as opposed to the U-shaped layout, which employs three or four. The form frees up space for a kitchen island, breakfast nook, or just additional space to speak with visitors while preparing supper.

This layout works well in tiny kitchens because it provides enough circulation space for the stove, sink, and refrigerator—the three most used areas in the room.

2. Natural Colours

Even if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your room, warm, natural hues weave in the beauty right outside your kitchen. Warm tans, slate blues, and sage greens are popular paint and cabinet colours that look great with metallics and natural stone counters. Most importantly, the colour palette is basic enough that it may be used to add a splash of colour or to decorate for the different seasons.

These hues, as well as natural exposed wood, may be seen on islands and kitchen carts.

3. Contemporary Fixtures

11 Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends That Will Improve Your Space 1
Image by justinedgecreative from Pixabay

Faucets, water filtration systems, and even pot fillers have evolved in tandem with technological advancements. No-touch sink faucets are perfect for keeping your kitchen clean, especially if you’ve been filleting fish or preparing a turkey for Thanksgiving. A contemporary faucet is a simple and low-cost method to add a unique touch to your sink.

4. Improved Appliances

With more time spent at the fridge and stove, homeowners are becoming more aware of when their appliances are in severe need of repair. Always begin a kitchen redesign by selecting your ideal appliances, especially ones that will fit around new worktops and cabinetry.

To explore a diverse selection of multi-functional gas ranges that improve both the accessibility and aesthetics of your kitchen, make sure to visit this page.

5. Simple-to-Clean Workspaces

Cleanliness has always been crucial in the kitchen, but it is now more critical than ever to keep your cooking area free of unwanted germs. Choose natural stone countertops that have antibacterial characteristics and are simple to maintain. Marble, quartz, porcelain, and granite are examples. They also make a list of kitchen design elements worth investing in.

6. Personalised Backsplashes

A backsplash is a fantastic method to add a pop of colour to a space without making big changes to the cabinets or countertops. Choose a complementary colour that complements the colour of your kitchen, works well with your tiles and reflects the light fixtures around it. Consider drawing inspiration from nature, especially if your backsplash is adjacent to or beneath a window.

7. Islands with Multiple Functions

11 Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends That Will Improve Your Space 2
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

The island is the envy of every home cook, but it offers more to your kitchen than just a workspace. To serve as an extra hosting space, use an island with extended countertops for bar stools or chairs. Islands and even huge kitchen carts provide convenient storage for goods such as herbs, spices, and culinary equipment.

8. Conversational Area

The kitchen island and L-shaped layout trends both emphasize the necessity of having enough room in your kitchen for more than one person. Depending on the scope of your makeover, this may imply opening up your kitchen to your dining room, adding more counter space to lean against with a glass of wine, or even including inventive seating such as a long bench.

9. Natural Accents 

In keeping with the natural colour trend, there is an increased emphasis on minimalist yet natural accents. Top kitchen cabinet door options include welcome glass windows to highlight your favourite dishes or louvred wood slat cabinets for a distinctive textured appeal.

Exposed wood also softens the harshness of your countertops, appliances, and fixtures’ stone and steel.

10. Ingenious Storage and Shelving

Now that we understand how much clutter can disrupt our everyday lives, having plenty of storage alternatives serves both form and function. Modern kitchens provide an out-of-sight location for garbage and recycling, as well as quicker access to troublesome objects such as pot and pan lids or your extensive collection of Tupperware.

Organized storage also improves cooking efficiency by keeping the most crucial equipment and materials at arm’s reach from the burner.

11. Adaptable Lighting

11 Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends That Will Improve Your Space 3
Image by 5460160 from Pixabay

A well-placed light can shift the entire atmosphere of a room, especially a kitchen, which may quickly transition from food production to an entertaining space. LED kitchen lights are incredibly adaptable, especially when put above workplaces, above the kitchen island, or even within the storage.

Finding the greatest kitchen contractor is the first step in putting your preferred images and ideas into reality. You may negotiate your budget, discover new material alternatives, and improve your space before your next dinner party with the help of a specialist.

11 Kitchen Remodelling Design Trends That Will Improve Your Space 4

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