The History Of Dior| How Dior Became So Famous

Paris has long evolved from being just a soft power to honing the status of a major brand. Everything about Paris screams love, good food, and of course, fashion. One of the icons that helped redefine the outlook of France as a country is a man himself, Christian Dior. The founder of the luxury fashion brand needs no introduction at all.

The History Of Dior| How Dior Became So Famous

This French man has doubtless transformed the very definition of elegance and feminity with every successful collection and milestone. Scents like Joy Dior, Miss Dior, J’Adore quickly became fan favourites. However, for the industry newbies or business enthusiasts who want to know the History of Dior and how Dior became so famous, here are some nuggets from the Brands success story.

A little history

Born in 1905, a legend was born in Granville, around the Normandy coast. Five years later, the Dior family moved to Paris where Christain grew up and had his higher education. He was always fond of the arts, and had his own art gallery in 1928, thanks to his dad.

Unfortunately, the art gallery was shut down following a series of family tragedies. However, Christian’s passions for art and fashion were far from dead. It may have taken more than a decade for Dior’s success story to come to fruition, but it was surely worth the wait.

After the world war


World War II took a toll on practically every country on the globe, but some countries took more hits than others. Paris was one of the many that were left not only devasted from the horrors of war, but also by the ruins, struggling economy, and other battle aftermaths. Many fashion houses shut down and fashion experts relocated to find greener pastures. But where others saw hopelessness, Dior saw a new beginning.

A new beginning

It wasn’t long before haute couture was revived, it took the right collaborations and a lot of work. But in 1947, Christian Dior launched his debut show. It was a large success as Dior’s vision wasn’t just loved in Paris, but all around the world. The brand was not a one-show wonder, but more of an instant fashion sensation. It wasn’t long until the fashion industry was buzzing about the Frenchman’s dresses, and for the next decade, he was dressing royalty, music icons, and movie stars.

Dior’s impact on the world


Thanks to how successful the brand was, Dior hired some of the handiest and skilful l assistants. Big names like Pierre Cardin and Yves St-Laurent who was another global success when it came to feminine wear, scents, and accessories. The brand quickly moved to produce famous fur coats, stockings, and perfumes.

In the 1950s, Dior contributed to about three-quarters of the fashion exports in Paris. Each collection has a trendy theme that showcased floral prints, A-line skirts, and floaty dresses. These new trendy looks brought the likes of Princess Margaret, the Duchess of Windsor, and Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner.

The History Of Dior| How Dior Became So Famous 1

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