The 7 Best Product Designers In The United Kingdom

Product design allows businesses to enhance and create unique products that appeal to customers. The process involves creating products from their original ideation through manufacturing and distribution. The significant advantage of product design is that it helps companies meet their customers’ specific needs. 

The best product design involves anticipating the needs of your customer and creating a product that is so compelling to them. Additionally, product designers tend to offer branding services and other product development capabilities. 

The United Kingdom, over ages, has been at the forefront of producing professional and creative product designers who are on global trends, improving product function and a high level of creativity. With technological advancement, designers have pushed their services to higher heights in recent years. They are now creating better, improved, and more beautiful designs that give the products more value. 

Read through this piece to learn about the best product designers in the UK.

What is Product Design? 

Product designers

Before looking at various top-notch product design companies, it would be good to understand what product design is and why it is essential. Product design involves the identification of market opportunities, defining the problem, and developing the right solution for the actual users. It is the critical process for building better products, enabling the company to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. 

The product design process takes five phases: 

  • Empathizing
  • Definition of the problem
  • The ideation that involves coming up with better solutions
  • Creating a prototype
  • Testing the product

A good product design consultancy company should be creative, skilled, and experienced in technical issues regarding the solution you need. Additionally, it should ensure consistent communication with you, as the client, to ensure you’re fully informed of the process and its functionality. 

On that note, here are the seven best product designers in the UK.

1. Flynn

Flynn is one of the popular product design consultancies in the UK that has, over the years, provided new and better ways for product designing. Moreover, the firm has produced new products that aim to fill a gap and bring solutions to specific problems. 

Being an award-winning designer, Flynn has enabled established brands and startups to realize their goals through technical assistance. For example, Flynn helps design user interfaces and medical devices, among many other services. They also help to create novel and innovative product ideas, allowing companies to increase their intellectual property, which is critical in the development process. 

2. Shalin Designs 

Shalin designers specialize in furniture modelling and drafting through a quick project turnaround. For years, the company has taken pride in providing high-quality products that meet international standards. Additionally, the firm ensures affordability through competitive pricing and better project management. Even though the company is based in the UK, they extend its services to foreign countries, providing professionalism and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

3. Lighthouse London

The 7 Best Product Designers In The United Kingdom 1

Lighthouse London is a UK-based agency that has provided valid and timely UX and custom software solutions for years. It is known to have provided a solution to big companies, enterprises, and individuals worldwide through its products and services. Since its foundation, the agency has made significant waves for well-established enterprises and startups. 

4. Every Interaction 

Combining top-notch designs and technological expertise, Every Interaction agency helps clients solve the most complex problems. Recently, they developed an application known as Global Business Review App for the Economist to help them enhance their interactions in the Chinese market. The platform became a high-level creative work with language translation and quick service delivery to the target clients.  

5. Furthermore 

Furthermore designers have recorded a good reputation for all the projects they have completed since its foundation. Due to their passion for design and strategy, Furthermore Agency has specialized in providing their clients UX and UI design services. They successfully created uniquely designed products in different areas, which have an entirely outstanding experience. 

6. Etch 

The 7 Best Product Designers In The United Kingdom 2

Various popular companies and brands worldwide have sorted Etch’s services in different areas, making it one of the UK’s best product and service designer companies. Etch was founded to help companies realize their utmost potential in evolving into their best selves. The firm’s primary focus is continuously looking for the most impactful strategies to help them learn their goals.

7. Luma


Luma product design company specializes in hardware prototyping, technical design, and 3D printing. It is based in the UK but extends its services to different countries. The company has dealt with various clients, such as Guinness and other brands from multiple markets. 

Luma is well known for delivering unique and outstanding products that help its clients to realize real growth and progress.

Bottom Line 

Even though there are other top product design companies, these mentioned ones have been outstanding, considering the several completed projects and clients they have worked with. However, when opting for product design services, it is important to research companies’ reliability thoroughly. Additionally, always consider what services you need and the results you wish to achieve. Furthermore, you must understand that designing products primarily aims to improve your customer experience. 

The 7 Best Product Designers In The United Kingdom 3

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