• How to create the perfect reading oasis

    How to Create a Perfect Reading Oasis in Your Backyard

    Now that warm weather has arrived, you’re obviously going to want to enjoy the full benefits of your beautiful backyard. There’s no better place to read a book than in the comfort of your own little oasis. However, to be able to enjoy it, you’re going to have to fix it up properly. When it […]

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  • Fire Pit

    Backyard Ideas for Instant Charm

    Owning a backyard is considered a privilege and an honour but countless homeowners waste the opportunity to transform their backyard into something special. Instead, they convert this little patch of open space into a storage unit and pile up junk. However, it takes so little to instantly turn the yard into a charming place where […]

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  • Garden Makeover

    Our Autumn Garden Makeover

    Most people are sensible and do their garden makeovers in Spring/early Summer to make the most of their gardens in the warmer weather.  To be fair this was our plan too but injured workmen, camping and rainfall meant that our makeover this year didn’t go quite to plan. Trouble Spots Like most gardens, our garden […]

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  • Garden

    What Would Monty Do? 3 Trends in Gardening to Inspire Your Plot

    Unfortunately, the majority of us won’t get the opportunity to have Monty Don knocking on our door, ready to share his insights on our current garden renovation plans. We also will have to miss out on those big helping hands when it comes to clearing out those unnecessary apple trees —  however, that doesn’t mean […]

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  • Gardening

    7 Gardening Jobs to Get Done During Winter

    Some people believe that winter is the perfect excuse to be lazy when it comes to the garden. But contrary to popular belief, gardening is year-round work, and yes, it includes wintertime. While it is true that most plants are in hibernation at this time, there are still plenty of gardening-related activities to be done […]

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  • family home

    It’s About Time That The Family Home FELT Like Home

    Many family households have seen better days. In some cases, a little bit of wear and tear can be endearing. That worn couch might have character, for example. And messiness isn’t always an eye-sore. Your fridge door is probably overflowing with magnets and cute drawings created by your children. These are the things that make […]

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