Moving Home On A Budget: Smart Money-Saving Hacks

The cost of moving home is now at a record high — households are spending around £12,000 when moving home, up from £7,000 during the recent stamp duty cut, Which? reports. Home prices have also increased by 10% year-on-year, although this growth is expected to slow down in 2022. Although moving home is undoubtedly expensive, it’s possible to lower your moving costs with smart yet simple money-saving hacks.

Lighten the load

Moving home on a budget
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If your family is like most, you’ve probably accumulated hoards of possessions over the years — most of which rarely sees the light of day and yet takes up plenty of space. By making an effort to declutter before moving home, you’ll in turn minimize moving and packing costs. You can even make a profit by selling some of those items. Moving furniture between homes, in particular, significantly drives up moving costs since it takes up the majority of space in the removal van. So, it’s worth weighing up whether it’s actually cheaper to sell your old furniture and buy new pieces for your new home. Keep in mind chipboard furniture isn’t designed for transportation, so it’ll first need to be taken apart before you move it to your new home. However, dismantling chipboard furniture can also damage the fixings, so you may find selling it simply a better alternative.

Consider your mortgage options

Finding the cheapest mortgage deal is a key way to minimise costs in your new home. So, you may want to either transfer your existing mortgage over to your new home (aka porting) or get a new, better deal by either remortgaging with your existing or a different lender. Finding a new lender and mortgage for your new home can be particularly cost-effective if local house prices have increased sharply since you purchased your current home. Keep in mind, you’ll have to pay early repayment and exit fees for ending your existing mortgage midterm — along with valuation and arrangement fees for your new mortgage. So, think carefully about whether switching lenders is most affordable for you. Fortunately, a mortgage calculator can help you calculate how much your monthly payments will be. These calculations include your mortgage’s principal and interest payments, along with insurance and taxes.

Research home improvement grants


Once you’ve moved into your new home, there’s no need to blow your budget on home improvement projects. You may be eligible for home improvement grants. For example, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) provides grants for energy efficiency upgrades like loft or cavity wall insulation. They may even help you replace an old boiler or heating system. ECO grants are usually aimed at low-income households. Alternatively, home improvement agencies (HIAs) help low income, elderly, or disabled homeowners or renters repair, adapt or maintain their homes. For example, your local HIA may help you fund and arrange household repairs or improve security around your home. 

Moving home is undoubtedly expensive. Fortunately, by implementing smart money-saving hacks, you can make the process as successful and affordable as possible.

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Moving Home On A Budget: Smart Money-Saving Hacks 1

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