Explore Ways to Make Journey from Alicante to Valencia Easier

Travelling from Alicante to Valencia can be enjoyable for visitors and locals alike. It is a great way to explore the region and experience the culture and diversity of Spain. However, navigating with its winding roads and numerous stops along the way can also be challenging. With this in mind, it is essential to consider some ways to make their trip from Alicante to Valencia easier.

Exploring Alicante-Valencia Journey

Alicante to Valencia

Exploring the journey between Alicante and Valencia by rail is an unbeatable way to experience the best of Spain. With both cities on the Mediterranean coast, travellers can enjoy stunning views of pristine beaches and breathtaking mountain vistas. The train from Alicante to Valencia departs from Alicante train station, a modern station with easy access and plenty of amenities, making it a great place to begin your adventure.

The scenic ride lasts around two and a half hours and provides ample opportunity for sightseeing throughout the journey. The railway follows the coastline through towns like Benidorm and Sueca, giving glimpses into traditional Spanish life. Passengers can admire ancient architecture such as churches, castles, bridges, and more while exploring fascinating local history. Once arriving at Valencia Station, you will be within easy reach of all these vibrant city offers.

Transportation Options: Train, Bus or Car

Explore Ways to Make Journey from Alicante to Valencia Easier 1

The decision between taking a train, bus or car can be difficult. For some people, the cost of each mode is a deciding factor; for others, convenience and comfort are top priorities. But many other factors should be considered when choosing a mode of transportation, such as reliability, safety and environmental impact. It’s crucial to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding. 

If you prefer to travel under your own steam, then a hire car from Victoria Cars is an excellent option because you can break the journey up, choosing the best routes to enjoy multiple stops along the way to take in the true beauty of the country. Perhaps a ride along the coastal roads will make it feel like a much more special journey.

A bus is likely to offer the best prices, the least comfortable, and often the longest journey times although for convenience the departure station is usually in the city centre and will provide good transport services with onward connections.

A train journey is one of the most comfortable and relaxing ways to travel long distances thanks to its spacious seating and ability to provide amenities like food service and Wi-Fi access for passengers. It’s also often one of the more affordable options compared with airfare or driving in some instances. However, train services can sometimes be unreliable, with delays due to inclement weather or mechanical issues on some train routes.

Flight Considerations

Explore Ways to Make Journey from Alicante to Valencia Easier 2

Alicante and Valencia are two beautiful cities in Spain, located less than 200 miles apart. For travellers looking to explore Spain’s culture and scenery, flying between these two locations is a great way to do it. Flying from Alicante airport to Valencia is simple, whether you’re looking for a budget flight or one with all the amenities. 

The most cost-effective way of flying from Alicante to Valencia is via low-cost airlines like Vueling and Air Europa Express. These flights offer the fastest journey time between the two cities in as little as 45 minutes and start at around $30 for a basic ticket. If you want more comfort during your journey, there are flights available on larger airlines like Iberia and Spanair that provide more amenities such as snacks, drinks and entertainment systems. However, these flights typically run at least twice the price of budget options.

Pre-planning Tips

Travel planning

Travelling from Alicante to Valencia is a popular route due to the two cities’ proximity. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, pre-planning your trip can help make it more enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some great tips to remember when planning your journey from Alicante to Valencia. 

First, research the transport options between cities and decide which is best for you. You can take a bus or train, rent a car or even fly. Make sure you book tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on discounts or deals available at certain times of the year. Additionally, check the weather forecast before leaving to know what clothing and items to bring during your travels.

Benefits of Travel Apps

Travel apps

Travelling from Alicante to Valencia is an adventure that many people are seeking. Whether you want to explore the Mediterranean Sea or take in the culture of Spain, travelling between these two cities is a great way to spend your vacation. Modern travel apps make this journey more accessible and enjoyable for all travellers. 

Travel apps offer convenience and ease of planning for those who wish to travel from Alicante to Valencia. These applications provide users with up-to-date information on transportation options, accommodation choices, attractions, events and many other helpful features that can help make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. You can easily compare ticket prices of different transport companies to book the cheapest train ticket immediately without any hassle. Also, maps are available so you can plan your route without worrying about getting lost or wasting valuable vacation time trying to find directions.

Cost Comparison

Travel costs

Travelling from Alicante to Valencia is a popular journey for tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re exploring the regional culture of Spain or visiting family, the cost of travelling can vary significantly depending on your chosen method and selecting the best time to travel. To help travellers plan their budget accordingly, we’ve compared the costs of taking a train, bus, car rental and ride-share services such as Uber and Cabify. 

Train travel between Alicante and Valencia is convenient, with regular daily weekly departures. The journey takes approximately 3 hours, and cheap train tickets start at 24 euros if booked. Taking the bus is usually cheaper than taking the train but has the longest travel time – journeys are generally around 3-4 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Tickets typically start at 12 euros when booked online in advance, making it an affordable option for budget travellers. Hiring a car from Victoria Cars for one day starts at around 63 Euros for a basic vehicle. Still, other options are available and make it more affordable if more of you travel together.

Conclusion: Easier Journey from Alicante to Valencia


In conclusion, taking the train from Alicante to Valencia is an ideal and easy solution for getting between these two Spanish cities. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, taking the train provides a comfortable, fast, reliable and affordable journey. In addition, it allows travellers to relax and enjoy views of the Spanish countryside fully. Furthermore, taking the train makes planning a trip easier since frequent departures and advanced booking options are available.

Explore Ways to Make Journey from Alicante to Valencia Easier 3

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