7 Crucial Things To Do After Being Bitten By A Dog

Animal bites can cause serious harm, and in some cases, even death. It is important to remember that many animals carry pathogens and parasites that can be harmful to humans. Additionally, animal bites themselves may become infected and cause serious damage or illness if not properly treated. If a dog has attacked you, it is highly advisable to hire an attorney and seek medical attention as soon as possible, and there are also a few steps you should take to minimize the risk of contracting rabies.

1. Get In Touch With A Personal Injury Attorney

7 Crucial Things To Do After Being Bitten By A Dog

Animal attacks are not always covered under health insurance, and an attorney can help you protect your legal rights. You can contact the experts at https://the702firm.com/ to get legal advice on your next steps and determine your rights in the case. If the dog is confined or isolated, it may be possible to wait until the animal has been tested for rabies without putting yourself at risk of exposure; however, if there is any chance that it may have infected other animals or humans, then the attorney can petition to have it tested as soon as possible.

2. Contact Animal Control

You and your family and other people and animals need to be protected from any risk of contracting rabies. If the dog is at large, then the animal control authority should be notified immediately to begin an investigation. Animal control might be able to capture the dog without putting anybody at risk of further attack. It may then be possible to wait for ten days before it is tested to see if it has rabies or not, but this will depend on local laws and ordinances. However, it’s essential to see what issues the dog has and try not to put it down unless necessary.

3. Get Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

Even if the animal that bit you has been quarantined by an attorney, there is still a risk that it may have infected other animals or humans, which are still at large. This means that it is crucial to contact medical professionals as soon as possible to begin post-exposure treatment. If you have not had a rabies vaccine in the past, you should seek immediate attention to ensure that your body fights the infection.

Medical attention after an animal attack should begin with the professional cleaning of the wound. This can help minimize the risk of bacterial infections, which might occur if an open wound is not properly tended to. You may then need a rabies vaccine, depending on your vaccination history and whether or not you have been exposed before.

4. Document The Attack

It is important for legal proceedings that you document everything that happened around the attack, such as where it took place and who else was there when it happened. It is also a good idea to document the extent of your injuries and how long you have been ill due to the attack.

5. Seek Psychological Support

An animal attack can be a traumatic experience, regardless of whether or not serious physical harm occurred. It is crucial to seek psychological support from trained professionals who can help you cope with the stress of the experience. Traumatic experiences include the memories of the attack, nightmares, and anxiety. If you or your family members struggle to cope after an animal attack, you must seek psychological support as soon as possible. An animal attack trauma can be as severe as trauma after a car accident or something worse, depending on your personal experience. 

6. Get Post Exposure Treatment

The type of post-exposure treatment received is dependent on factors such as whether you had had a rabies vaccine before and also what type of animal attacked you. If possible, it is helpful to determine which virus variant your attacker was infected with so that proper medication can be prescribed in time.

7. Keep Track Of The Time Periods Involved

The type of post-exposure treatment you receive will be based on the time period between when you were attacked and when you began taking medication. It is important to keep track of this information to ensure that your treatment is not delayed by even a few minutes. 


So, if you are bitten by a dog, it is important to contact an attorney and take precautions to avoid contracting rabies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all animal bites be taken seriously and treated with care. Depending on where you were bitten, you can also file a lawsuit against the owner, the city, or the district. With the proper guidance, you have nothing to worry about!

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