6 Steps to Clean Your Air Purifier

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the quality of air that you breathe daily may not be good enough and can harm your health. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the air present inside our houses may be more polluted than the air outside. Since we spend most of the time indoors, ensuring that the air is enough to breathe is critical. 

There are a host of factors that pollute indoor air. Some of them include building and furnishing materials, smoking, renovations, cleaning, and other similar activities that can pollute the air by releasing pollutants. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that spraying air fresheners is of any help. Air purifiers help keep indoor air clean and fresh. 

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Even homes with pets obtain many benefits from air purifiers since they eliminate all pet-related allergens from the air. Moreover, after purchasing an air purifier for your home, you will have to maintain it to function correctly. This article has got you covered if you have been looking for ways to clean your air purifier. 

Can You Clean The Air Purifiers On Your Own? 

Yes, air purifiers work efficiently when their filters are not clogged. Air purifier cleaning helps clean all pollen, pet danders, and pollen. Cleaning the air is of utmost importance if any of your family members have asthma and rely on clean air. 

That said, you should always invest in decent air purifiers that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Without further ado, let us know a few steps in which you can clean your air purifier. 

How to Clean an Air Purifier with a Washable or Permanent HEPA Filter?

Most of the best brands that produce air purifiers include washable HEPA filters in their model to obtain maximum benefits. With washable filters, you get the ease of cleaning and using them again. If you frequently clean the HEPA filters, the burden from the air purifier reduces as a whole, and the machine lasts longer than expected. 

The process of cleaning a washable HEPA filter or a permanent filter is almost the same, and below, we discuss them for your ease. Before starting the process, ensure to have personal protective equipment. You can buy them from Hisomedical

  • First, you need to turn off the air purifier and unplug it from the wall socket. You need to move the air purifier and bring it to the center, where you can easily access all its sides. If placed against a wall, you cannot clean all its sides. 
  • The filtered air outlet is often found at the top, and you will have to clean the outlet first. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the unit and get the dust out completely. The dirt and dust accumulated at the outlet prevent the flow of air and hence it is not cleaned as expected. 
  • Then you will have to remove the front grill of the air purifier. For some specific details of the purifier, you will have to follow the specific instructions of your manufacturers. For rapid removal, you can choose to use the pull tab. You can clean this portion of your purifier by using a mixture of warm water and some liquid soap. Use liquid soap for deep cleaning. 
  • To clean the HEPA Filter, use warm water and allow the purifier to dry if there are specific instructions that water cleaning is safe for the machine. If the filter hasn’t been cleaned for several days, you can choose to soak your filter in warm water. 
  • If your purifier has a permanent HEPA filter, we recommend that you use a vacuum to clean all the dust and debris. The permanent filters are not designed to come in contact with water, and they may get destroyed if cleaned using water. Hence, you can either choose to clean them using a soft cloth or a vacuum. 
  • It’s time for you to return the HEPA Filter back to the purifier. If you removed the front grill too, put it back. You will then have to clean the outside of the purifier with a light damp or a dry cloth made of microfiber material. This material is the best for cleaning purposes. The purifier is now clean and ready to be used again. 

If you are looking to buy some tech-enabled air purifiers, check out Hisoair. They have some of the most innovative air purifiers to help you get fresh air throughout the day. 

Why Should You Clean Your Air Purifiers? 

Air Purifiers help make the air of your home clean and fresh. They make a household a happy place to stay. However, you can easily skip its regular maintenance, leaving it dirty for a more extended period. At times, the devices that clean our home need cleaning themselves. 

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Regular cleaning of air purifiers not only ensures adequate functioning but also helps extend their lifespan. With a clean air purifier, a maximum amount of allergens and pollutants are filtered out of the air present in your room. 

The Bottom Line

The exact cleaning process depends on the kind of filter you have. Ensure to read the manual and manufacturer’s caution before getting started with the cleaning process. 

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