6 Interesting Facts About Car Accidents in Illinois

It’s not easy to say what causes car accidents, but they happen all the time. To help you better understand the factors behind these unfortunate occurrences, we compiled some of the most interesting facts about car accidents in Illinois, along with their causes.

Car Accidents in Illinois
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  1. In Illinois, over 25% of all collisions are rear-ended collisions. It is estimated that this type of collision accounts for over 75% of all injuries sustained in road traffic accidents every year in many countries across the world.
  2. It takes over five times as long for a driver to be killed on roadways than for a pedestrian to be killed on roads, and it takes almost ten times as long for an occupant of a car to die from injuries sustained in an accident than it does for a pedestrian. There are approximately 47 pedestrians that are hit by vehicles on our roads every single day in Illinois. Of those 47 individuals, two will be pronounced dead at the scene, and another nine will survive with severe injuries requiring hospitalization or prolonged nursing care.
  3. More than 20% of the force applied to a vehicle when its rear end collides with another car is transferred to the driver. The car occupants are also subjected to this force, but it is not as great as the force transferred from the rear-end collision, which occurs at much higher speeds in an attempt for them to stop quickly. If a car does not have airbags installed during a crash, most of the weight will be transferred to the front of the body, and they will not be unconscious like some occupants would in other types of crashes where there are no airbags. Most occupants will be conscious during rear-end collisions, but some may die if the force is great enough.
  4. It’s easy to assume that most car accidents happen when drivers fail to stop before changing lanes. Still, approximately 6% of all car accidents on Illinois roads are caused by drivers changing lanes without looking for traffic in front of them first. This can be even more dangerous than simply stopping suddenly without ensuring you are in the proper space for the lane you want to change into.
  5. The speed limit on roadways varies greatly depending on the area, the weather, and even if other vehicles are driving on the specific street. In Illinois, drivers can be fined for going too fast on the highways or in school zones or passing too close to another vehicle or bicyclist.
  6. According to Chicago personal injury lawyer, you may decide not to proceed with your claim if the statute of limitation has passed and you will not be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Therefore, you need to consult with a car accident attorney if you have been injured in an accident.

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