6 Cute and Cosy Outfits for Fall

Watching the leaves change colour, feeling the chilly air, and drinking hot cocoa are some of the best aspects of fall for most people. But if you love dressing up and creating different outfits, chances are you’ll include fall fashion in your list of favourite things. After all, this season offers countless opportunities to showcase your wardrobe and swap linen and cotton for cashmere, leather, and other gorgeous cold-weather fabrics.

Cosy Outfits

Perhaps you’re searching for ideas on how you can bundle up yet still look chic and fab. You can get them right here. In this article, you’ll find fashion inspiration to transform leggings for women, sweaters, jeans, and other wardrobe staples into stylish looks with minimal effort. From the classic leggings-sweater combo to retro style, here are six cute and cosy fall outfits you should consider.

Oversized Sweater and Leggings Combination

Pairing an oversized sweater with leggings is probably the perfect fall outfit, as this combination is ultra-comfortable, versatile, and stylish. You can go for a laid-back look with a pair of hi-rise denim leggings, an ash grey boxy sweater, and white low-top sneakers or flats. But if you prefer a more sophisticated ensemble that you can wear to work or gatherings with friends, try wearing an oversized beige sweater and black leather leggings. Complete your attire with a pair of black studded leather pumps or ankle boots. Accessorize with a tan scarf and a black leather hobo bag.


Once considered a major styling mistake, wearing an all-denim outfit is now a prominent fall fashion mainstay for a good reason. Besides being comfortable, denim is easy to style and maintain. If you haven’t tried denim-on-denim before, your best bet is to combine tops and bottoms in contrasting silhouettes to create balance. Consider a balloon sleeve denim top paired with skinny jeans, or maybe a denim blazer and a fitted denim wrap skirt. Both are versatile options that you can readily dress up or down depending on the shoes you wear. You can pair them with boots or heels for a chic vibe or with platform sneakers for a relaxed look. 

Fall Retro

Autumn Fashion

Take your cue from fashion icons and sport retro-chic styles this fall. Wear a plain shirt and skinny jeans or a flowy dress and cover up with a studded slim-cut leather jacket to capture Madonna’s signature look from the ‘80s. You can also take your inspiration from Julia Roberts by pairing a slightly oversized blazer with dress shorts and stylish leather loafers for a chic yet relaxed appearance. Besides leather jackets and blazers, you can try experimenting with other fall-appropriate vintage staples, such as leather trench coats, long-sleeved coat jackets, and shirt coats. 

Preppy Look

Tailored, cosy, classy, and polished are just some of the fine qualities of preppy outfits that make them a must-wear this fall. If you want something chic, casual, and comfy, try wearing an off-white cashmere sweater over a striped long-sleeve button-down shirt and distressed jeans. Complete the ensemble with an olive green corduroy jacket and heels, the same colour as your button-down shirt, to add visual interest.

Want to wear a preppy fall outfit to the office? Go for a combination of neutral hues. For instance, you can layer a cream-coloured cropped knit sweater over a white-collared chiffon blouse. Pair them with stylish black cigarette pants and pointed black pumps. This elegant look is tied together with a tailored black coat, a long pearl necklace, and a black leather tote bag.

Cardigans Over Dresses

Autumn fashion

Do you want to transform your dainty summer dresses into flattering fall outfits? Wear them underneath a cardigan for extra coverage and much-needed warmth. Let’s say you have a favourite white linen dress. You can wear it with a periwinkle blue cardigan, black tights, and knee-high leather boots, and you’ll have a fall ensemble for enjoying fall festivals, coffee with friends, or running errands. 

For romantic dinners and semi-formal events, consider creating monochrome attire. Play with textures, shapes, and shades to elevate the look. A pink floral chiffon dress under a blush pink belted cardigan paired with pale pink pumps is a terrific option if you desire to exude a charming and feminine vibe. You can also sport a cardigan in a vibrant hue to add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain-looking outfit. 

Layer with Sweater Vests 

If you haven’t been using your sweater vests, now is the best time to pull them out of your closet, as they will probably become your favourite go-to fall layer for various occasions. Wear a colourful or printed sweater vest over a neutral getup to elevate your outfit. A white button-down shirt and wide-leg pants combination may seem uninteresting, but add a rainbow-coloured cropped sweater vest, and the whole ensemble comes to life. You may also want to invest in classic shades like cream, grey, and navy blue, as they go well with most of your clothing pieces, including dresses.  

Creating cute and comfortable fall outfits can be fun and exciting with the right pieces, creativity, and fashion inspiration. To help you get in the zone, you can try the styles mentioned in this piece for starters. Once you get more comfortable, dare to experiment with different looks. See how you can mix and match or layer your favourite clothing pieces in ways that express your unique personality and boost your mood and confidence.

6 Cute and Cosy Outfits for Fall 1

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