5 Easy Tips to Beat Domestic Assault Charges

If you have been falsely charged with assault, you will find this ultimate helpful guide. It runs through all the tips and tricks to help you beat the charge, like hiring a good attorney, working with Ontario Crime Stoppers, and getting bail immediately. Read ahead for more information. 

1. Hire a Good Lawyer

domestic assault

If you have been charged with domestic assault, it is important that you hire a good spousal abuse and domestic assault lawyer. This is a severe case, and you risk quite a bit if you are convicted. It’s important that you hire a good lawyer so that your chances of winning are high.

Do your research on the best names in the area so that you can hire the most experienced attorney. Make sure that he has handled and won assault cases like yours. For instance, you may be dealing with a domestic assault charge and not just ordinary assault, so look for domestic assault lawyers.

2. Get Bail

If you have been jailed, you need to work on getting bail immediately. You could get back home and plan your strategy with your legal team. It might be hard to get bail if the court thinks you would run away. 

So, you may have to leave some form of guarantee with them. Of course, you may have to hire a bail lawyer, too – they specialise in getting bail for their clients. The attorney you hired to represent you for the assault case may be able to find you someone good.

3. Discredit the Other Party

When making a defence to prove that you have been framed, you must look for facts and evidence that discredits the other party’s character. This would make the court not buy their testimony, making you look better. You can do this in several ways, but the best would be to bring out witnesses. If they happen to be more influential people, your chance of beating the charge would be high.

4. Stay Away from the Victim

While the case is ongoing, you must stay away from the other party. Trying to get close to them could make you look aggressive, which can be used against you in court. A lot of the time, there would be a restraining order to keep the other party safe, so your attempt to get closer would violate this and put you in more legal trouble.

5. Get Professionals

Get professional psychologists and doctors on your side so that they can prove that you did not commit the crime that you have been charged with. For example, a doctor says you could not have made the suggested assault marks.

You can also get Ontario crime stoppers to help gather evidence. 

Final Thoughts

There are many tips and tricks that you can use to beat assault charges. The first thing that you need to do is hire an assault attorney. But you should also seek professionals for your testimony and even reach out to Ontario Crime Stoppers for help.  

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