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4 Simple Storage Solutions for Your Child’s Bedroom

Conquering the clutter is a major challenge for parents. And it may seem like the clutter is multiplying as your child grows, bringing home projects and new toys. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that are easy to implement and don’t require constant work to keep up. Here are four simple storage solutions for your child’s bedroom.

Underbed storage

Buy a Mid Sleeper

Mid sleepers are not bunk beds, though they resemble them. Instead, a mid sleeper bed has a bed elevated above a storage space or work space underneath. You shouldn’t buy a mids leeper for children under the age of six due to the risk of the child falling or intentionally jumping out of the bed. When you’re shopping for these mid sleepers, consider your child’s needs. Can the child make do with a desk that is built into a mid sleeper? Small pull out desks just may not be enough for some students. Or is storage space your biggest problem? If so, you want a mid sleeper with a large chest of drawers built into it. Some mid sleepers have tent bars or book shelves underneath so that it provides additional and private space for your child.

Find Extra Storage in the Space

If you want to keep the existing bed in your child’s room, consider putting the bed up on risers so you can store a guest bed or storage drawers underneath it. Consider putting a book shelf above the child’s bed or replacing the existing headboard with one that has built in storage. Consider repurposing book shelves so that they double as seating so you can get rid of that toddler couch in the corner. Or you could do something as simple as putting storage baskets for art supplies under the easel and baskets for toys or books under the child’s favourite chair.

Consider the Room from Your Child’s Point of View

Having a place for everything and everything in its place may be the parents’ dream of a clean room, but that may be too much work for your child. If your child has trouble picking stuff up, consider simple storage solutions for toys. For example, have a storage net hanging from the wall in which the child can toss all their stuffed animals instead of a cubby for each critter. Have two toy boxes in which they can simply toss all the toys instead of designated storage for each item.

Move It Up

We’ve already addressed finding places like headboards to put in bookshelves. However, there are other storage options you can use to move items up off the floor. Peg boards can be a place to display awards, pictures and reminders and double as a place to hang key chains and charger cables. Pegboards can be used to store small, light items in easy reach of adults, but out of reach of children like diaper rash cream above your baby’s changing table. Curtains with built-in pockets can be used to hold small curios or shoes.

Efficient storage can seem like a challenge, but with the right methods, it can definitely be conquered. Make sure you follow the storage tips in the article and get your children involved if you want to conquer it once and for all.


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