Zaggora Hotpants are really . . . . hot!

When I was first contacted about reviewing Hotpants, all that I could think of was Kylie’s tiny bottom in ‘those’ gold hotpants and then thought of my bottom and realised it would NOT look good in a pair of hotpants, gold or otherwise. I read on a little further into the email and noted that this wasn’t some 80’s throwback fashion emporium asking me to review for them but actually a pair of sports pants which could (if I put in enough effort) provide with me a bottom to rival Kylies’.

I chose the Zaggora Flares which are the longest design as I wanted as much of my not-so-lovely legs covered up as possible. When they arrived I wasn’t too sure about the wetsuit style material but I decided to give it a try. The first task of course was actually getting them on which was an exercise in itself. I think I probably burned off about 200 calories in fighting my way into the hotpants but once they were on I was loving my silhouette. They were like magic pants only twice as thick. They sucked in my wobbly tummy and held up my bottom like a dam holds back the water.

I didn’t want to break into exercise straight away so I started off just wearing them around the house and couldn’t believe how hot they were even without exercising. When I visited the gym I decided to don my hotpants and give them a run for their money and couldn’t believe how hot they actually were. After half an hour’s gym session I was literally sweating my bottom off, peeling them off at the end of the workout was not the nicest feeling as I felt damp from the waistband to the leg cuffs but it was nice to know that they were doing what they were supposed to.

The technology behind Hotpants means that energy expenditure is increased and weight loss is around 4 times faster in Hotpants than in a standard garment. Hotpants increase the core body temperature by an average 18% more than the control garment which increases the metabolism.

Starting this week I am hoping to get back to the gym at least once a week so I shall be wearing my hotpants and hopefully losing a few inches where it matters and maybe one day I might even get those gold hotpants just to show you the wonders that my Flares have worked. I would love to be able to do you a before and after shot but I’m just not that brave!!! I will however report back to let you know how I’m getting on with the gym AND the Hotpants.


  • Zaggora Hotpants Review

    May 8 at 12:54 pm

    I did the Zaggora Hotpants 2 week challenge back in January and lost 6+ inchs and got rid of pretty much all my cellulite too!

    Hope you get the same awesome results 😀

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