Yummy Mummy?

Before I had children I had an image of what I would be like once I became a Mother – loads of fun, loads of interaction with them, surrounded by my little ones I would be alive!  But that’s not what I mean, I mean the actual physical image of what I would LOOK like.  Pampered and preened, with perfectly coifed hair, SLIM, trendy clothes and nicely made up face – yes I would be a Yummy Mummy!! Hubby even bought me a sign to stick in my rear windscreen which said Yummy Mummy on Board!  I think I could actually be done for Trade Description as I’m not quite cutting it!

L38 Me before Beanie Baby

– bad shoes, socks, jeans and a top to hide the tummy –

don’t get me started on the hair!

I have to admit that I am managing to lose my weight quicker after Beanie Boy than I did with Little Bean, at 4 weeks post pregnancy I was actually back in my skinny jeans – so much so I have had to take them in because they were TOO BIG for me!  But I’m really struggling with my wardrobe.  You see its been nearly 3 years since I was last “just me” not me recovering from carrying  baby.  I can’t remember what my style is?  I can’t remember the last time I actually was able to take time on my image before I left the house.  Before I had my gorgeous babies I wouldn’t have dreamt about leaving the house without washing my hair and at least putting on a little bit of lipstick and mascara, these days that would be a full face of makeup for a special occasion.  I look in my wardrobe at my clothes and I wonder if I’ve stepped into some alternate universe, everything is either too small (before my first pregnancy I weighed a constant 10stone – this week I’m still 11stone 9lbs but even that is less than before my last pregnancy) or so un-trendy I wonder how they ever made it into my wardrobe.

Love this! But I can’t wear a coat all day?

I’m thinking I need to have a chat with Gok Wan or Coleen Rooney but I’d be too ashamed to let them loose on my wardrobe to even contemplate it.  I’ve never been the type of girl (ahem – woman!) who wears everything that is in the shops “NOW”, I’ve always preferred to be trendy in my own style but now I’m lost, I don’t know WHAT my own style is anymore and of course there is the little detail of money as new clothes don’t come cheap!  I love Fat Face, Joe Browns and Miss Selfridge but I’m not sure the clothes that I like, like me?  Does that make sense?  I have very long legs and arms with an average length body but I tend to need to wear longline tops to balance out my legs or I look like I’m on stilts – not a good look?!  I’m also not great at “tailored” clothes as I like to be comfortable but I don’t want to turn into Vicky Pollard in shell suits and jogging bottoms so maybe there’s hope for me yet!

Yummy Mummy? 1

Not for me thanks!

Come on ladies, give me some tips – how did you discover yourself after becoming a Mummy or have you just resigned yourself to the fact that YOU are no longer?

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