You’ve still got time to enter – Johnson’s Baby Happy Baby Video Competition!!

You’ve still got time to enter – Johnson’s Baby Happy Baby Video Competition!! 1Happier bottom, happier baby, happier you…with JOHNSON’S® Baby Nappy Cream

New research from the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand shows that British mums have tried and tested tricks up their sleeves to stop their baby’s tears in an instant.

While a good night’s sleep, clean nappy and a full tummy are so essential to a baby’s health and happiness, sometimes there are moments when, despite doing all they can, baby still isn’t smiling. With over a quarter (26%) of mums admitting they feel sad or unhappy when their baby is unhappy, others have feelings of frustration (22%) and guilt (8%), with 13% admitting to feeling totally helpless[1]. So how do you turn that frown upside down in an instant?

Cuddles & funny faces

Results from consumer research of over 1,000 mums with babies shows that you can use your ingenuity to keep baby blissfully happy. The top ten tricks mums use for making babies beam are:

Giving them a cuddle (52%)

Making funny faces   (39%)

Tickling them (34%)

Making funny noises   (32%)

Taking them out for a walk   (28%)

Playing peek-a-boo   (27%)

Giving them a cuddly toy   (26%)

Blowing raspberries on their belly   (26%)

Singing or dancing in front of them   (21%)

Shaking car keys   (17%)

From sad face…

With 43% of mums able to identify what’s causing their baby’s upset just by listening to their cry, the research  found that apart from being tired and hungry, nappy rash was named as one of the top irritants for babies.

To happy face…

Whilst over two thirds of mums (68%) would use a nappy cream every day if it would help to prevent nappy rash, currently only a third of them regularly do (33%). As we all know – prevention is better than cure. This is why the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby launched an improved Nappy Cream, providing instant comfort and protection from the causes of nappy rash.

James Watson, JOHNSON’S® Baby Senior Brand Manager, said: “Parents will do anything and everything for their babies to make sure that they are content and comfortable. We know from speaking to mums that they feel sad if their baby is unhappy or upset. We hope, when it comes to nappy rash specifically, that a product which can provide comfort and protection against the causes of nappy rash will bring welcome relief for mum and baby.”

After trying out JOHNSON’S® Baby Nappy Cream, a massive 8 out of 10 mums said that they would recommend it – so why not try it for yourself, along with those funny faces and dance moves, to help make nappy time… a happy time!

The Competition!!!!

Johnson’s Baby having been running a competition which ends Friday 11th May (yes tomorrow!!) at 6pm but that means you STILL have time to enter and be in with a chance of winning one of five Flip MinoHD Camcorders so that you can keep on captivating lots of lovely video footage of your little cherubs. Don’t hang around here, get on over to the Competition and get your entries in now!

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