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Your secrets are safe with Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N Journal

For the longest time Little Bean has been hankering after a ‘lockable diary’, though what secrets she wants to hide from us I will obviously never know! Her dreams were answered when the Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal arrived, the fact that it was from one of her favourite TV shows Project Mc2 just made it EVEN BETTER!!

What is Project MC2?

It’s officially cool to be a geek! Science isn’t just for boys, girls love it too. When I was a child, I loved physics and chemistry and it would appear that Little Bean is going to follow in her Mummy’s footsteps. Her favourite show on TV is Project Mc2 which follows a team of four super smart, seriously cool girls who have a collective love of science and spy skills. A bit like the modern day Charlie’s Angels for young girls. These are real girls with real skills and they are ready to take on anything.

Project Mc2 Journal

What is the Project A.D.I.S.N. Journal?

The Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook (ADISN) is a lockable box which looks like a journal. The secret notebook is unlocked by waving the ‘NeRDy’ bracelet over the logo on the front and features a secret compartment to store small items, an activity book and even space for a smartphone (although Little Bean doesn’t have a smartphone yet – much to her disgust).

If your young wannabe spy has her own smartphone then you can join NOV8 and download the Project Mc2 free app from iTunes to enjoy more spy fun. There are over 1000+ mysteries to solve on the app and when used with the Journal you can unlock further clues. Hidden within the spine of the journal is a special UV light which will reveal secret messages written on the wipe clean inner page.


  • Listen to recorded messages from NOV8
  • Includes bracelet to unlock diary, invisible ink pen, UV light, booklet with activites, sticker sheets
  • Access button can open diary if bracelet is misplaced
  • Access more exciting content with the Project Mc2 app

Project Mc2 Journal

What Little Bean thinks?

Little Bean actually squealed when she was presented with the journal, it’s the one she has been wanting for a long time. At the moment she doesn’t have a smart phone but she has been able to download the app to play on my phone so that she can experience it. She loves having somewhere that she can lock away her little keepsakes and the little notebook which came with the journal.

Apparently having two little brothers who can’t help but have a nosey in your bedroom is reason enough for needing a secret journal and the fact that it doesn’t open with a ‘key’ means they haven’t got a clue how to open it so her secrets are very safe indeed.

Project Mc2 Range

If you have a science loving girl on your hands then you might want to check out the Project Mc2 Rocket Set and the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats set.

Rocket Set

Make your own CO2-powered “Message in a Bottle” Rocket just like construction queen, Camryn Coyle. There’s a hidden chamber so you can blast a top secret message sky high! You can do it again and again just using ingredients from your own kitchen, like baking powder and vinegar. The vinegar (an acid) and baking powder (a base) react to create carbon dioxide gas. This gas causes air pressure to build in the body of the rocket. When there is enough pressure, the contents are forced downward, propelling the rocket upward.

Circuit Beats

Make music out of almost anything with the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats set! Complete an electrical circuit to turn bananas into a piano. Or use a flower, glass of water, ice cream whatever you can dream up that conducts electricity! Connect the board to something that conducts electricity (like a banana) and tap it with your finger from your other hand, you are completing the circuit and allowing electrons to flow through you!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Project Mc2 ADISN Journal for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


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