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Would like to meet: the genie in the lamp . . .

image Do you ever think back to the land of fairytales? I do, at the moment I keep thinking about the genie in the lamp and wishing that I could find the genie in the lamp to grant me my three wishes.

  • It’s hard to believe it but in just a few weeks we will have been living in our ‘new’ house for 2 years, we moved in 2 weeks before Beanie Boy was born. The house is really starting to look tired now and in need of redecoration but Hubby and I really struggle for ‘spare’ time so for my first wish I would ask that all the rooms in our house be magically redecorated (especially the glossing – Hubby and I hate doing the glossing!).
  • Over the years it would seem that I have accumulated rather a lot of, well, everything really! Eek! Clothes, shoes (although I rarely wear any?), underwear, makeup (again I rarely wear it), toiletries, children’s toys, towels, bedding . . . . my house feels like it is being overrun with clutter. Everywhere I turn, there is a cupboard rammed to the rafters with ‘stuff’. This morning I spent 3 hours sorting just 1 of my 3 wardrobes in an attempt to regain control but again a lack of spare time leaves me wondering when I will next be able to do some de-cluttering so for my second wish I would like someone to wave their magic wand and make all the ‘junk’ disappear and for all of the things that I need to keep and use often to be neatly reorganised.
  • I can’t help but feel that something isn’t quite right in our house, call it the spiritual spooky dooky in me if you like but I would really to have a Feng Shui Consultant (crossed with an interior designer) to come and do a makeover at home, to get things running smoothly again, to get all the negative energy pushed out of the house and let all the positive energy run free!

In retrospect, all 3 of my wishes relate to basically the house being one big mess, it’s funny how things like that can get you down?!

If you could find your genie in the lamp, what 3 wishes would you ask for and why?

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