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Will you be going to the Justin & Friends Arena Tour?

I hate to say that Beanie Boy is predictable . . . BUT every single morning as we get back into the car after dropping Little Bean at school he will utter these words to me “Mummy, please me watch Justin?” EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Little Bean used to be a HUGE fan of Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble and has now passed the baton to Beanie Boy who is, dare I say it, a little obsessed with him. He sings along to songs, he tries to some of the sign language from Something Special and he laughs along with Gigglebiz. So when I saw that Justin will be doing an arena tour this year I just knew it was something that I am going to have to take Beanie Boy along to because I know that he will love it and that I will score major brownie points for being a cooooool Mummy!

For the first time ever fans will be able to see Justin Fletcher’s favourite characters brought together on stage as Justin & Friends prepares to rock arenas across the UK next Easter. Gigglebiz favourites including Nana Knickerbocker; Lost Pirate; Arthur Sleep and Keith Fit will be joining the fun alongside a host of Tumbles from Something Special. Lord Tumble, Grandad Tumble and Cliff Tumble will star alongside Mr Tumble in a spectacular show presented by CBeebies Live!

“I’m incredibly excited about bringing so many characters to life on stage for a live audience” said Justin Fletcher MBE. “We’re using all of our showbiz ingenuity to bring them all together for the first time in a terrific new arena show.”

Joining Justin on his adventures will be his friends Robert the Robot and Little Monster from Justin’s House, as Justin prepares to put on a spectacular rock and roly-poly show for a very special visitor!

Justin is on the lookout to find everyone’s special talents and needs you! He will be joined on tour by Nina from Nina and the Neurons, to make sure everything goes according to plan; the adventurous Andy Day who will leave no stone unturned and Katy Ashworth who will cook up a storm. As Robert’s enthusiasm for tidying up threatens Justin’s plans to stage the most amazing show ever, he’ll need your help to keep things on track. Prepare to be thrilled, excited and spectacularly entertained. You too will discover your special talents, as you dance and sing along with Justin Fletcher and all his friends!

Tickets are available now and are priced from £13.00 for children, with family tickets from £52.00 (for four people and subject to booking fee). For tickets and the most up to date tour information please visit: www.bbcliveshows.com.

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  1. MumtoC
    January 22, 2013 / 8:55 pm

    Oh wow! C would luuuuuuuurve this show. My Dad bought him Justin’s Joke Book for Christmas and he often picks it up and asks me to read it through with him. They are the perfect quick, easy to remember ones for his age. C has had his own repertoire of jokes for a while, and with the help of Justin’s joke book he has added a few more!!!!

    • IamMummyMatters
      February 8, 2013 / 11:20 pm

      Little Bean has the book too, it’s brilliant!!

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