Why I REALLY miss the dummy!

Little Bean has been without her dummy for 5-6 weeks now and I’m so proud at how well she has managed without it, she only asked for it once or twice after the ‘Dummy Fairy’ took it away but I’m really missing the dummy.  It would appear that when the Dummy Fairy visited, the Nap Fairy visited too and took away Little Bean’s daytime naps.  I’d like to have strong words with the Nap Fairy because I personally think she is out of order, naps were my time to catch up on work, to get the housework done and PERHAPS have a little bit of ‘me’ time.  Instead I have been left with a grouchy, overtired toddler who argues with everything I say, has started to push her baby brother over when he is sitting playing with his toys and has begun throwing the queen of all tantrums.

image Yesterday when we went out for my birthday, the journey there was quite long and thankfully Little Bean fell asleep for about 40 minutes.  The difference in her behaviour was remarkable, she was a pleasure to spend the day with again.  Gone was the stroppy teenager in practice and in her place was the sweetest little girl who wanted to hold Mummy’s hand, give me cuddles and who declared on the way back to the car “I’ve had a lovely day Mummy, thank you”.  I cried!  It was so nice to have my little girl back.  I guess that we should have cut our losses and gone home immediately but no, we were feeling brave and decided to make a quick stop off on the way home at a shop we wanted to look at.  Clearly the short journey in the car had made her tired again because she went into hyperactive mode the minute we set foot in the shop, she began chasing around with another little girl and rolling around on the floor under the rails.  When I asked her to get up off the floor she shouted at me to “go away we’re trying to go to sleep”.  This was a red rag to a bull with me as I hate to hear children shouting at their parents.  I lifted her out from under the rail and held her hand telling her she had to stay by my side, this did not go down well with Little Bean at all who began screaming at me.  The other little shit girl said to Little Bean “give me your hand, I’ll pull you away from her”.  Upon growling smiling sweetly at the little shit girl I said “no thank you” and took Little Bean to stand with Hubby at the till.  A few seconds later we were joined by the little shit girl again who was trying to coax Little Bean to run around the shop with her again so I took Little Bean out of the shop kicking and screaming and stood her by the shop window to calm herself down.  She had just begun to calm down when we were joined by her ‘friend’ again who was begging her to go back into the shop.  Thankfully Hubby came out of the shop and rescued me.  He told Little Bean to say goodbye to her friend as we were going home and needed to get into the car but this was when the world went dark! 

Little Bean carried on her kicking and screaming ritual with tears pouring down her face, Hubby managed to install her into her car seat and she then began hitting herself around the head and screaming some more.  She went into a rage like we have never witnessed before, we could do nothing but watch until her rage subsided and turned into sobs.  It was so upsetting to watch, and yet it could all be avoided if only she would have her sleeps in the daytime again.

Today I had a similar chain of events, we spent the afternoon with friends, the girls played outside and had lots of fun together but when I arrived home she turned into the terrible toddler once again.  She started out being very rude to me, then she pushed her baby brother over, began hitting the flatscreen TV with her toys, shouting at her big brother, refusing her tea (again), then demanding a different tea and finally screaming at the top of her lungs again.  To say that I felt defeated and deflated is an understatement, I wanted to cry.  I just want my loving sweet little girl back. 

Do you have any suggestions on how to cope with this horrible stage she is going through?  All help gratefully received!

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