Who would you choose?

How strange that I should be tagged by SuperSingleMum to take part in this Meme when I had only been thinking of doing a similar post myself just a few days ago. This is something which has been discussed quite a few times recently, dinner parties, hen nights and weddings and more recently on a walk with Cafebebe – though this one is slightly different. So what am I talking about? Me and Hubby call it our “laminate” – the list of people who given the opportunity your other half would give you a free pass to spend a night of passion with!! I think the idea originally came from the series Friends many moons ago in a conversation between Ross and Chandler – Ross had Isabella Rossellini on his laminate and was rather surprised when she walked into Central Perk for a coffee. Ross being Ross was a total geek and told her all about his “laminate” and how he was allowed to sleep with her,  “OMG FREAK” I would imagine was running through her mind as she made a quick exit from the coffee shop.

I have always joked that my laminate is actually black and that I write on it with a dry wipe pen as my tastes change so often, though I don’t think that is the general idea. In this Meme we are supposed to choose our top 5 fictional characters.
So here are mine in reverse order, drum roll please . . . . . . . . .
5. Michael Schofield – Prison Break – Mainly I think its the eyes but also his intelligence and compassion for others. I’ve cheated with the picture and snuck his brother Lincoln Burrows in coz I wouldn’t say no to both!
Who would you choose? 1
4. Xander Cage – XXX – I have to admit mainly its the voice but also he is just so masculine and has the cheekiest smile I just know I wouldn’t be able to resist this guy!

Who would you choose? 2

3. James “Sawyer” Ford – Lost – he’s moody, pretty obnoxious but I can’t get enough of him!
Who would you choose? 3
2. Brian O’Connor – Fast and Furious Series – again I think its all in the eyes and the smile, though I’m noticing a trend with some of these guys – all a bit rough and ready.
Who would you choose? 4
AND IN FIRST PLACE . . . . . . .
Wolverine – X-Men – Who can resist this animal of a man? Let’s face it, he wouldn’t have a problem with your bra straps!
Who would you choose? 5
OK so now it’s your turn – I’m tagging you to tell me and the world who your top 5 are . . . .
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  • supersinglemum

    March 29 at 12:17 pm

    Sawyer was so nearly in mine! He is definitly in my top 10 though!!!!

  • mummymatters

    March 29 at 7:51 pm

    To be fair I think I need a list of about 50 there are so many to choose from!

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