Who is Mummy Matters?


Who is Mummy Matters?

Why Mummy Matters?

I came up with the name Mummy Matters with two meanings in mind;

1. Mummy always matters because the majority of the time she is the #1 carer, she is the one who sets the routine and makes most of the rules (well she does in this house).  But as my tagline says; Wife, Mum, Stepmum, Daughter, Friend . . . we all matter!! (We all ROCK!)

2. On my blog I would be writing about all things parenting, our lifestyle choices and the things that matter to parents or in my case the ‘Mummy Matters’.

Who are we?

We are a blended family of 6, Hubby has a son Curly from his first marriage and together we have three Beans; Little Bean, Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean.


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