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When the internet goes wrong!

For years we have used a very reputable company for our TV, phone and internet packages and have been provided with very good service – I guess the only thing we weren’t happy with was the price. With times as they are and everyone trying to tighten their belts we have done as most people have and shopped around for new providers for everything from gas and electric, to insurance and our phone and broadband. We have found prices that we are happy with and yes, we have saved ourselves a few pennies each month. BUT sometimes you really do get what you pay for! And regret it! We have moved our internet etc to a very much advertised company at the moment and very annoyingly got stuck in a 2 year!!! contract which we really want out of. The phone is fine but the internet is RUBBISH!!!!! In order to even put a simple blog post on my site I’m having to type it in Word and then copy/paste it into my blog otherwise it only updates one letter every 10 seconds or so and that’s IF we even have connection to the internet. The rest of the time it takes a good 10 minutes to load up a site and then crashes. Now if I just trying to use Facebook or something I wouldn’t mind, but I’m a work from home mummy and this is really NOT good! 

So what is the moral of my little blog post? By all means, shop around for the best deals but DO your research and check up on customer service, see what other people think and don’t just jump straight in with both feet like I did. Sometimes it doesn’t always pay to just go for the cheapest option.

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