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As a nation we enjoy drinking 165 million cups of tea on a daily basis, according to the Tea Council. However our taste in tea is changing as the loose leaf tea and infusion sector of the market is growing. So why the renaissance in loose leaf tea? Claire Trumper owner of www.trumperstea.co.uk with 25 years tea industry experience believes it’s down to: improved taste, provenance, health benefits and a return to traditional values within our homes, to take time for the ceremony of tea. Claire comments;

“As the name suggests loose leaf  is made with whole tea leaves and it smells, looks, feels and tastes completely different from tea leaves that have been cut and processed into tea bags. Almost all of the true flavours of the pure tea leaf are lost in this process. With a plethora of new varieties and brands within the marketplace, tea buffs are the new wine buffs and many are seeking  out loose leaf teas with good provenance and particularly with tea that is fairly traded. Having launched my own range of loose leaf teas, I love the fact I can show and tell people just where my tea is sourced, the land it is grown on and the people who benefit from our trade”

Claire spends a lot of her time visiting the producers and is a huge advocate for Fairtrade and also Concern Universal to improve the livelihoods of the producers she works with.

There are also a growing number of studies that show the health benefits that tea can have on our lifestyle. On-going research is discovering that drinking just 4 cups of tea a day may offer significant health benefits. Indeed many teas are calorie free, contain powerful anti-oxidants and are great for hydration for the whole family to enjoy.
Is the art of making a proper cuppa lost to many of us though? The sheer ceremony of making a proper pot of tea is in itself comforting, stress relieving and social. Here Claire shares her tips for the perfect cuppa using loose leaf tea. You will of course need the smartest teapot you can find and your best china, visit www.bettytwyford.co.uk for some great products. Don’t forget your tea strainer, a basic one is perfect!

How to make a good cup of tea in a proper teapot! – view online atwww.trumperstea.co.uk

1. Put fresh water from the tap into your kettle- water left in a kettle looses it oxygen and the tea lacks flavour.

2. Warm the teapot, whilst the water is boiling, so that the leaves are warmed before the water is added- it enhances the flavour!

3. Add loose leaf tea to a teapot or mug filter- if using a teapot add one spoon per person plus one for the pot!

4. Add water just off boiling and brew for three minutes

5. Put milk into your cup first- it instantly cools the tea and stops china cracking

6. Put your feet up and enjoy! Don’t forget to pop your tea leaves on your compost!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the above products to try for myself and it is very true that loose leaf tea has much more flavour than tea bags.

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