What would you do with Makedo?

Some children love to draw, some children like to read, some like to make and Curly is definitely a ‘maker’! For as long as I can remember Curly has been busy building cars, robots, spaceships and if we’ve had enough recycling he’s even built a city out of old cardboard boxes and bottles and basically anything else he can get his hands on.

imageimage image

The one problem that he has encountered over the years is what to hold it all together with. In the main I’ve just thrown him a roll of cellotape or some blue tack or if I’ve been feeling brave I’ve given him glue (but this doesn’t happen often!). Well finally, someone has come up with an ingenious product called MakeDo which is a collection of reusable connector systems. Using the connectors you can build whatever your heart desires out of plastic containers, boxes and pots – basically whatever you can find in your recycle box and once you’re fed up of your creation you just take it apart and start again. The MakeDo connectors can be used over and over again because they just love to be part of something new.

The MakeDo connectors would make a fantastic stocking filler for your young creator and if you buy any two products before 15th November you can get free shipping to anywhere in the world – now that’s not bad at all is it!

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