What is Acai? 1

What is Acai?

What is Acai? 2

Many people have heard of Acai but are not sure exactly what it is. Acai (pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’) is a small, dark purple berry which is the fruit of the Acai Palm tree. This tree flourishes in the lush Amazon rainforests of Brazil and is mostly seeds covered in a small amount of pulp. What is amazing about this unique berry is its extremely high concentration of beneficial antioxidants and amino acids. These substances help the body to stay fit, repair itself, fight off infections and maintain its youthful vigour. Acai berries are so packed full of these nutrients they have ten times the antioxidant properties of red grapes and double that of blueberries. For this reason Acai has been labelled one of the most nutritious ‘superfoods’ available and is considered an extremely valuable supplement to maintaining on-going health and energy. The fresh fruits have a pleasant berry flavour, with a hint of a chocolate after taste, so they are also one of the more enjoyable health foods to eat. The berries perish very quickly once picked though, within around 24 hours, so most of us won’t have access to the fresh fruit. The solution to getting a regular supply of this valuable nutrient source is to take it in one of the many handy Acai rich options available. There are a number of ways in which you can easily ensure that you reap the health giving benefits of Acai. Try it out in juices, capsules, tea or powder form to find out which you like best. Take a look at Holland & Barrett for a range of Acai products which you can order online for your convenience. Look out also for their Deal of the Week offering you discounts on other vitamins and supplements which can also help in maintaining your health and vitality.

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