Week 22 – Noisy children and big baths!

I’ve been quite confused this week it has to be said. At the beginning of the week, Mummy took me and Little Bean to this place with Cafebebe and Little Miss which was really loud. I was trying to sleep but when we got there it was full of noisy children.

Soft Play with friends

Little Bean and Little Miss both ran off very quickly to join the rest of the noisy children and left me sitting with Mummy and Cafebebe. Mummy took me for a walk around and I managed to get a better look at the place. It was like a big cage thingy and it was full of children. Mummy has shown me cages like that before in books, I think she called it a Zoo?

All the children were running around like crazy whilst all the Mummies and Daddies sat around in chairs watching them. Very bizarre if you ask me, but then to make matters worse Mummy disappeared leaving me with Cafebebe for a cuddle and the next thing I know, Mummy was in the big cage with the noisy children too?

Lots of the children were screaming and some of them were crying so perhaps they didn’t like it in there? Little Bean and Little Miss seemed very tired when they were allowed out of the cage so we went home.

First time in a swimming pool

first time in a swimming pool

Later in the week, Daddy said he didn’t have to go to work and Curly stayed with us for an extra few days so Mummy said we were going to go somewhere and do something fun together calling swimming but I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about?

Mummy, Little Bean and I went off into this really big room which had lots of cupboards all over the walls and then Mummy took all Little Bean’s clothes off and dressed her in some really tiny clothes, then she took all my clothes off and put me in a really bright outfit with no arms or legs and then she took all her clothes off and put a bright coloured thing on herself which didn’t have any arms or legs either.

We left the room with the cupboards and went into another room which was really bright, really hot and very very noisy. The next thing I know, we’ve all got into a great big bath together and I have to say, I don’t think they had put enough hot water in because it wasn’t warm like when Mummy does my bath at home. I thought it was a bit strange because the bath was filled with lots and lots of people, big people, children and babies and EVERYONE kept splashing me but I don’t care because I like the water.

I was a little bit wary of one bit of the bath that Mummy took me in though because the water was moving all over the place, Mummy kept asking me if I liked the bubbles but I didn’t really understand what was happening. It felt quite tickly on my legs and made me wobble around, I felt safe though because Mummy held me tight.

And sleep!

The noisy children wore him out

I got to stay in this bath a little bit longer than I do at home and when we got out and were all dressed again, I was soo tired I just went straight off to sleep . . . .

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