Week 17–Oooh what’s this?

17012011 012

Phew, no nasty needles this week!  But life with Mummy and Daddy is never dull, this week things got interesting.  Mummy has starting giving me something different when i’m hungry, I’m not just having Mummy’s milk anymore.  Now she gives me this stuff off a spoon?  I think that’s what she called it but I’ve seen Mummy eating from one before.  I wasn’t too sure to begin with but it tastes quite nice, a little bit like Mummy’s milk but thicker.  I had that for a couple of days and kept getting so excited when Mummy was giving it to me that she kept nearly sticking it up my nose – Mummy said its because I was bouncing too much.

A couple of days after Mummy started giving me some other stuff which didn’t taste like milk at all, Mummy said it was carrot?  I liked it so much Mummy got me another bowl of it which was nice but I had a bit of a windy tummy afterwards and Mummy kept calling me a stinker.  But the next day she gave me something else which I really didn’t like, Butternut Squash?  No thank you, not for me.  I think I’m going to quite like this eating lark, I wonder what Mummy is going to give me next?

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