Wart a misery! Plea for help and advice!

Take a look at this photo . . . .
. . . . yes I know its out of focus but I think you can see what I’m getting at. This is the hand of my 9 year old stepson Curly. About 2 years or more ago he only had one wart on his hand and he was pretty upset by that. We were treating him back then with over-the-counter wart treatments but they clearly haven’t worked. Over the years he has been back to his Doctors several times who have prescribed him all kinds of things but nothing is working. The plaster on his finger is where he caught one of the warts at the weekend and made it bleed. The warts are getting bigger and they are multiplying, he has even started to get them on his feet together with verruccas. We all know how cruel children can be, and the children at his school are no different. They tease him daily because of his warts, they stop him from playing with them because they say he’s got the lurgy and they don’t want to catch it. This weekend he has been in floods of tears because he doesn’t want to go to school because he is fed up of all the jibes and he says that school and the warts are making his life a misery.
Please if you know of any way that we can get rid of his warts once and for all, leave your comments here. He is willing to try anything. He once saw one of the Embarrassing Bodies programmes where a young girl had her warts cut off and he said that he would love for them to do that for him but so far his Doctor isn’t obliging.

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  1. How awful for him. My daughter had a similar problem several years ago with verrucas on her feet. Our GP at the time was also a homeopath and she prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Thuja (Boots sell it) It worked! They all went in a couple of months! It was such a massive relief. Having read about it since, it apparently works best on under 16s – its worth giving it a try. Good luck x

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