Want to do your bit for the environment, in your community? CommunityOffset.com can help!

Something we hear about very often in today’s climate is reducing our carbon footprint and making the world a better place for the youth of tomorrow.


Community Offset is a carbon reduction scheme with a difference because they believe in benefiting those offsetting carbon to the environment and community around them. They are a relatively new business but they are already making a difference in the Peterborough area but they hope to expand this. With your help, they can make our Country a greener place for our children to grow.
All too often, we are asked to donate money to causes where we can’t actually see a difference being made, we might receive a newsletter every couple of months but we don’t actually see what our money has done. With Community Offset, we CAN make a difference and we CAN see where our money has gone. Better than that, it will make a difference in our own community, not to someone thousands of miles away.
So how can we do this? Prices start at £9.99 where Community Offset will plant a domestic UK tree species in your community. This doesn’t just help the environment through absorption of Co2 and other harmful gases, but as more people become involved they will help to create new woodland areas and habitat for birds, animals and flowers as well as improving the look of your landscape.
Upon paying the fee you will receive the following:

  • Wild flower Seeds for garden sowing, ideal for bringing the countryside and nature into your back garden.
  • An “I offset my Carbon @ Community Offset.Com” Car window sticker, so everyone can see that you take protecting the environment seriously.
  • A certificate issued retrospectively as proof of planting.
  • GPS positioning co-ordinates denoting exact location of planting so you can visit and see the difference you have made for yourself.
  • All contained in a Fair Trade natural fibre draw string bag which can be used again and again for carrying your mobile phone, keys or other daily items.

Other packages are available, see communityoffset.com for details.

Community Offset are a UK based firm, sponsored by John Bradshaw Ltd. For more information please click here.

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