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Vosene When I was contacted by Vosene recently and asked if I would like to review their range of haircare products, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Curly has been complaining for a while now that his head feels itchy and he has a flaky scalp. Obviously we have checked his hair for head lice and he has always been clear. Up until now I have always bought him normal children’s ‘no tears’ shampoos but I think perhaps its time to start looking toward a shampoo more targeted to him and Vosene seems to be doing the trick.

He has been using the Vosene 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo which comes in a handy ‘pump’ style bottle which is easy for him to use in the shower and being a 9 year old, he is loving the Mega Hold styling gel although his school stipulates he’s not allowed to wear hair gel so we have to save it for weekends only. Both products are head lice repellent which is great news too.

Little Bean is rather like me when it comes to sleeping, she pretty much buries her head into the pillow and looks like something from the mop top hair shop when she wakes up so the detangling spray has come in very handy for her. After shampooing her hair we just spray some detangling conditioner on it, leave for a few minutes and then rinse out. It makes her hair silky soft and so easy to comb, now we have no more tears or chasing her around the house with a hair brush.

Vosene The final two products we were sent have taken up residence in our swimming bags, Little Bean has the Vosene Sensitive Hair and Body Wash which is a Hypoallergenic No Tears formula with no soap, SLS, SLES, parabens, colours or synthetic perfumes. She has always had delicate skin since she was a baby so we have to be very careful with her especially after swimming. Curly has been using the Vosene Afterswim Hair and Body Wash which smells divine, the scent is Melon which I love and I have been tempted to steal this back from him but perhaps I’ll just buy some for myself. As with the Sensitive Hair and Body Wash there are no nasties to aggravate his skin.

Along with the lovely Vosene product range we were sent a box full of goodies to help getting back to school that little bit easier, just look at everything we received! You too could be the proud owner of one of these goodie boxes worth up to £150 if you enter the competition on the Vosene Kids website called Mum’s Little Secret. All you have to do is share your best tips for how to manage your brood and one winner will be chosen each week for 12 weeks – what are you waiting for?


Just click on the badge to the left to be directed to the competition and make your entry, it’s that simple!

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