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Diary of a newborn – Ollie

Day 1

Blimey that was hard work, one minute I’m all snuggled up in a warm, dark place – if not a little bit squashed but all of a sudden it got really tight in there and I had to get out. It was quite scary and hard work. In fact I got so frightened at one point I put my put my hand up on my head and held on so tight my finger nail got stuck in my head!!

After a little while it went really bright and cold, I was so afraid I cried and cried but then I heard a voice I recognized, she said she was my mummy and she held me close, she felt really warm and I felt happy. She held me there for a really long time, I soon felt really hungry and my mummy gave me some milk from her breast, it was so nice I fell asleep straight away, I think I’m going to like it here.

When I woke up there was another voice I’d heard before holding me, he said he was my Daddy. He felt different to Mummy, he sounded different but he made me feel really safe so I went to sleep again, man I’m so tired.

I was sleeping really nicely when all of a sudden another woman picked me up and start rubbing me with something soft and fluffy, then twisting me this way and that before sticking something on my bum, then pulling me about and putting something over my head before pulling it down to cover my back and arms and legs. I wasn’t too sure to begin with but it made me feel much warmer so i quite liked it. I then went back to Daddy and he held me for a really long time.

The next time I woke up my tummy was really hurting so I gave it a little squeeze and the next thing I know my bum felt really warm and sticky – eurghhh!!

It’s mad out here in the light, one minute I’m sleeping nicely, the next I’m being held by one person, then passed to another, and another, then someone keeps taking my clothes off my legs and bum and wiping my bum with something really wet and cold.

Tonight I got to meet some more people, they said their names were Curly and Little Bean, they are my big brother and sister. Then there was Nanna, Nanny and Grandad. I felt exhausted after they left so I went back to sleep for a while. When I woke up again, Mummy was cuddling me and really looking at me, I like her she seems really nice on the outside!

Day 2

Well I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, Mummy said that we were sharing our room with two very silly women. One of them kept playing a musical teddy to her baby all night, I quite liked it but Mummy said it just annoying. And the woman in the bed next to us left her spot light on all night next to my curtain so I just laid there looking at it. Then the woman fell asleep and started snoring really loudly. Mummy said that she wants us to go home today as she’s had enough of being in here. I wonder what she means about going “home”?

Nanna has come to visit me and Mummy and we have a cuddle but its really hot. Mummy says that the sunshine is beating through the window – whatever, I’m going to sleep!!

Daddy and Little Bean have arrived to take us “home”. Little Bean is really funny, she seems very excited and keeps kissing me and brushing my cheek with her fingers. Mummy changes my clothes again and then squashes me up into this big thing with a bar on the top. She said it’s my car seat, fine but I don’t like it! Then to make matters worse she puts me on the floor and Little Bean decides to rock me but I think she’s a bit too enthusiastic and I feel a bit sick!

When we leave Daddy puts me into something called a car? I don’t know where everyone has gone, I can hear them and I can just about see Little Bean but I don’t know where Mummy and Daddy are? Its a wierd sensation because I feel like we’re moving but I’m just staring at a big blank thing??? Oh no, I feel sleepy again.

Now we’re at “Nanny and Grandad’s” apparently. Everyone keeps cuddling me and Little Bean keeps squashing me but I think its because she likes me? Nanny keeps telling me I look a lot like my Daddy, I wonder if that’s a good thing?

OK so this is “home”? There’s only Mummy, Daddy, Little Bean and me here, its pretty quiet but I recognise some of the sounds. I think I’ve been here before. Me and Mummy chill out on the sofa and I enjoy a really nice feed. It feels good to be “home”!!!

Just had a visit from Nanna and Karin. I’ve heard their voices before, Nanna keeps kissing me and she smells really nice. Karin has got a funny voice, Mummy says it because she is American – I wonder what that means?

I’ve had quite a lot of sleep today and am feeling full of energy now, lets see if Mummy and Daddy want to play. Its gone a bit dark and Mummy and Daddy keep laying down and not talking?!?! Oh well I’ll just keep shouting at them, that seems to work!!

Day 3

A lady called a “Midwife” came to see Mummy and me today. I didn’t like her very much because she stuck a pin in my heel and kept squeezing it to make me bleed, I didn’t want to show that she hurt me though because I’m tough, so I didn’t cry and Mummy said that I was really really brave.

Week 2

Daddy has gone back to work this week, he says he needs to earn pennies because Mummy has been busy buying me new clothes  – well I can’t exactly go around in Little Bean’s old clothes can I? She wore lots of pink, it doesn’t really suit me!

Nanna is spending the week with us this week to help Mummy because she’s really tired, something to do with me waking up in the night for my feeds. She’s probably still quite tired from when i arrived too, it was hard work for both of us. Home feels really nice, Nanna is cleaning, tidying and keeping Little Bean entertained so Mummy and me are just hanging out together in the lounge, having lots of lovely cuddles.

Little Bean is really funny, everytime she sees me she says “hello” about 5 times!! Mummy lets me sit on Little Bean’s knee for cuddles on the floor but sometimes its frightening because when she has decided she has had enough she just pushes me off or pulls my clothes at the shoulders to give me back to Mummy. Mummy tells her to be careful but i don’t think we have to always do what Mummy says?

We’ve been out for a few walks this week to get some fresh air. Nanna always puts Little Bean in something called a pushchair so that she doesn’t have to walk. Mummy says she likes to keep her strapped in so she can’t run off, i think i’ll be able to learn a thing or two from Little Bean, she seems like good fun. Mummy keeps calling her a monkey?

Mummy carries me around in something called a “sling”?? It’s lovely, it holds me really tight to Mummy’s chest so I can hear her heart beating. It’s just like being back inside and its soo warm I can’t help but fall asleep. Plus Mummy keeps kissing me all the time, she’s so sweet!

Week 3

Daddy is back again this week and Nanna has gone back to work, its really nice because I’m getting lots of cuddles with Daddy too. He keeps pulling funny faces at me and gets really excited when I smile back but then he looks really sad because I’m sick or I do rumbles from my bum, he says “oh it’s just wind”. I do think he’s funny though!

Everyone keeps telling me I’m a big strong boy because apparently I’m good at holding my head up, that’s just daft because they hold their heads up all the time? I must admit sometimes mine does get a little bit heavy and I end up headbutting Mummy and Daddy in the chest – that hurts because I always catch my nose!

We picked Curly up from school today and he was really excited to see me. I don’t understand where he disappears to? Sometimes he’s here for a while and then I don’t see him for ages. I like him though, he’s really good at cuddles and making silly faces like Daddy. Mummy says he’s a really good big brother but he gets a bit nervous when I cry. I don’t mean to worry him but sometimes I get a bit cross because I tell Mummy I’m hungry but she doesn’t feed me the minute I ask for it, and well, that’s just rude!

Week 4

Oooh this is interesting, Mummy keeps saying she’s “flying solo”? I wonder what that means? Daddy and Nanna aren’t around this week so it’s just me, Mummy and Little Bean – ahhhh maybe that’s what she means?

The first day is really nice, we don’t do very much, just kind of stay around the house but on the second day Mummy seems different. She keeps crying and when she’s cuddling me I can feel her heart beating faster. Little Bean keeps not doing as Mummy tells her and Mummy says she’s cross. I don’t think I’m helping matters much, I keep being sick after my feeds. I can’t help it, it just happens but Mummy has to keep changing my clothes because I make them all wet and smelly.

A lady came to see me this week, Mummy said she was the Health Visitor and she has to keep checking me to make sure that I’m doing ok. She got Mummy to take all my clothes off and lay me on this really hard thing. I was really cold and felt a bit “exposed”. Apparently I weighed 8lb 15oz which is quite good, that’s because I love Mummy’s milk.

Mummy got me out a cool mat to lay on today, it has toys which dangle down on it and lights which flash above my head. I quite like it and tried to eat the elephant toy but I think it’s a bit too hard for me.

Week 5

Oh dear, Daddy is poorly this week so he’s not been going to work again and Mummy has been crying more again this week so I’ve decided to cheer them both up by giving them lots of big smiles. It works, they both love it – especially when I’m not sick afterwards!

Just for good measure I sleep through the night twice this week and Mummy and Daddy are really really happy!

Daddy went back to work at the end of the week so me, Mummy and Little Bean went to the baby clinic. I couldn’t believe it, Mummy took all my clothes off IN PUBLIC! I was so embarrassed but I was a good boy, I laid really still in the cold bucket thing so Mummy got me dressed again really quickly. Mummy was a little bit disappointed though because the lady said that my weight had dropped off a bit? I weighed 9lb 9oz which I didn’t think was too bad. I had a think about things overnight and decided I’d better do something about it to keep Mummy happy. So I asked Mummy for a feed loads more than usual throughout the day, Daddy says that it sounds like I’m having a growth spurt. Duh, of course, I’m trying to put my weight up so that they don’t worry about me but let me tell you its tiring trying to stay awake all day so I sleep all through the night again and most of the next day!

Everyone keeps talking to me so I’ve decided to give it a whirl myself, I don’t really know what I’m saying but it makes everyone smile when I do so I must be getting it right?

Week 6

Well, my growth spurt did the trick!! The Health Visitor weighed me again today, I’ve put on 8oz in 5 days so Mummy is more than happy.

Mummy and Daddy have started laying me on my tummy to play this week, which makes everything look really different. I’m quite good at it for a little bit but then my head gets heavy and falls down. Oh well, practice makes perfect I’m getting better all the time.

Week 7

Its been a rather annoying week this week. Mummy says I have a cough and cold, one minute I’ll be laying there quite happily kicking my legs and looking around the next, I get a funny feeling in my nose and starting shaking my head quite violently back and forth. Mummy keeps saying “bless you” and I heard Little Bean saying “he’s got the Bless You’s Mummy” – I hope its not serious?? My throat is really tickly and makes me “cough” I think Mummy calls it? She always looks a bit worried when I “cough” so I make her happy by giving her a big smile straight after. Mummy and Daddy keep saying that I’m a clever boy when I talk to them, which is nice. I just wish they would say something a bit different to “are you talking to me?” or “give us a smile” – surely there are other things they could talk to me about? Every now and then I give them a little giggle, that seems to make them happy too – in fact, they’re very easily pleased. Mummy keeps putting me in a different bed this week, she says its in my room. It seems really nice in there, there are loads of animals sitting around the edge of my bed though but they don’t move or talk to me?? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to eat them though because Little Bean keeps putting their ears in my mouth? And yesterday Mummy told her off because she was getting one of her Weebles to give me a kiss, but to be honest I didn’t like it – it hurt my gums!

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  1. Kelly Edwards
    January 19, 2013 / 5:36 pm

    Love this, makes me wonder what my 3 week old is thinking especially when his 21 month brother is pestering him.

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