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Unxboxing, inflating and having fun with Bladez Toyz RC Inflatables

Kids huh?!

Just when you think you know your children, they throw a curve ball at you and you have to reassess everything that you had straight in your mind. When I was approached by Bladez Toys to try out some of their new remote control inflatable toys for the blog, I had mentally prepared my response to say “thank you very much but my children don’t show any interest in the RC toys they already have”. Whilst making myself a cuppa before typing my reply, Beanie Boy called from the playroom “Muuuuuuuuuuum, can you get these down please?”, “sure” I said, “I’ll be there in a minute”. Walking into the playroom I was expecting them to be asking for the Happyland boxes or the Marvel drawers but no, they were pointing to the two RC cars which have been gathering dust on the top shelf for as long as I can remember.

Bladez Toyz

The house of no fun . . . 

That afternoon the boys played happily with them for a good while, racing, crashing and giggling along. I shut them into the hallway giving them specific instructions NOT to take them into the lounge because I didn’t want them crashing into the new leather sofas or the wooden furniture and new decorated walls. I also told them NOT to take them into the kitchen because I didn’t want them crashing into the high gloss units and the new dining table – geeee what a fun house we live in hey!

Why RC Inflatables?


I returned to my cuppa and picked up my phone and that’s when it hit me (no not the RC cars, they adhered to my rules and I was safe on the sofa. Inflatable RC toys are THE WAY FORWARD for lots of indoor RC fun. They would be able to play with them in any room, they can crash them into each other, the furniture and the walls but they wouldn’t make a mark, they would just bounce right off. Genius! So I set to work on choosing them each a Bladez Toys RC inflatable. For Beanie Boy, my Star Wars fan, I chose BB8 and for my Jelly Bean, my little train geek I chose Thomas the Tank Engine.

Watch the video below to see their reactions when they opened the boxes and to see what fun we had holding a competition between Mummy and Daddy to see who could inflate them the fastest. Who do you think won?

RC BB8 – £39.99


BB8 has two inflatable chambers and makes all the sound effects you would expect of a BB8 toy. His control unit has forwards/backwards and left/right controls so is aimed at a slightly more experienced driver. Beanie Boy was quickly able to grasp the controls and has BB8 whizzing around the house with ease. He can spin around in circles and easily runs on carpet as well as smooth floors. I couldn’t have chosen a better toy for Beanie Boy. He did have one little wobble when we took him out of the box though as he thought he was dirty but I assured him that it was just the paint effects to make BB8 look like dusty metal from living in the desert.

RC Thomas – £24.99

Thomas and Friends

Thomas has one inflatable chamber and whistles and toots just like Thomas. He is a really good size too at 34cm long, Jelly Bean absolutely loves him! What I really like is that the controls are really simple for Jelly Bean to use so this is an ideal ‘first RC toy’ for little hands. It has a simple forward or rotate button which Jelly Bean has mastered really quickly. His favourite this to do is to chase BB8 and try to crash into him, just a destructive little monkey.

RC Inflatables Range

There are lots of popular characters available which make a great toy for teaching hand/eye coordination and motor skills as well as being so much fun. Check out Bladez Toyz to see them all. Don’t be put off thinking that these are just for boys either, since receiving BB8 and Thomas I have regretted my decision to not get one for Little Bean as she has loved playing with them just as much as the boys. Perhaps one for her Christmas list?

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