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The #UKMumSquad is a pod of like-minded bloggers who work together to support each other and create striking content and exposure for the brands we love. In no particular order I would like to introduce you to my fellow #UKMumSquad gals . . .

Family Four FunEmily at Family Four Fun

. . . has 4 fun and lively children who inspire her to write about their lives & loves. Emily shares insights into raising a busy family in the capital; things to do, places to go, city-living, school-running, multi-tasking and trying to do it all with a sprinkle of style.

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Rock N Roller BabyRuth at Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby

. . . is a Mummy, wife, daughter, (amazing) friend, actress, writer and blogger. Ruth lives in Norfolk and writes about all the fun things she and her family get up to and anything which pops into her mind!

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Mummy EndeavoursCarolynne at Mummy Endeavours

. . . is a Mum of four… identical twins, a tween and a troublesome teen! A bit disorganised and giggly but loves writing about her chaotic family life! She also has a fondness for clothes and make up.

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The Joy of FiveEmma at The Joy of Five

. . . is a Mum of five with stories on life and parenthood spanning over twenty years! Emma started writing to document the highs, the lows and all the bits in between in the hope that be it a day out, a recipe, a parenting tip, or something from her ramblings would grab your attention or inspire you and have you coming back for more.

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Innocent Charms ChatsKara at Innocent Charms Chats

. . . is Mummy to three beautiful children who loves all things kitsch, vintage, fashion, interiors and sooooo much more. By day she is an Accounts Manager, by night she hopes to get sleep but her children have other ideas.

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N4MummyKaren at N4Mummy

. . . is a Mum and fashion buyer who through her blog is challenging herself to think beyond the latest high street trend; to practise being content with buying less but selecting well. N4Mummy is a blog for mums, by a mum who adores fashion but who is seeking to live a little more consciously.

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Little Likely LadsCarissa at Little Likely Lads

. . . is mama to two gorgeous little likely lads and a beautiful step daughter. Carissa describes here blog as a life and style parenting blog, expect to see lots of mama and children style inspiration, plenty of family days out and family travel.

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Modern MummyKaty at Modern Mummy

. . . is the proud mother of two little ladies, slave to Mabel the cat and looker-afterer of Cottontail and Christmas Pudding the rabbits. Modern Mummy is a personal blog about all the things Katy is passionate about; family, home, style, fashion, good food and travel mostly, but occasionally something which impresses, amuses or riles her.

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What Hannah Did NextHannah at What Hannah Did Next

. . . started out blogging life as Mummy & The Beasties but just as her life has evolved to include three beautiful children, so too has her blog. Hannah works part time as a nurse and loves writing, photography and helping to create videos.

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Life DailyKate at Life Daily

. . . is a work at home Mum to two based in Surrey who secretly believes she should be French. Kate loves beauty, skincare, good food, music, travelling and amazing nails. She loves Lattes but hates coffee and milk?? I know, go figure?!

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