Trust your Instinct!

Growing up I was always more of a tea drinker, nothing fancy just plain old English Tea and always with a few biscuits to dunk.  But then something changed and I found coffee became my saviour.  I realised a little while ago when that was, it was about the time I became a Mum and the sleep deprivation started.  It wasn’t even just the lack of sleep, it’s that children rarely say, “you know what I think I’ll just sit and chill for a while” or at least, mine don’t!

Carte Noire Instinct

I’m becoming quite the coffee connoisseur these days, I know I like and what I don’t and the new Carte Noire Instinct couldn’t have been more perfectly named.  Ever since becoming a Mummy my motto has been “trust your instinct” and I can certainly trust new Carte Noire Instinct to get me ready for the day ahead.

Carte Noire Instinct hit our shelves in February this year and is the first wholebean instant in their range.  A wholebean instant coffee means that all of the qualities of finely milled roasted coffee beans have been captured and combined with instant coffee to make a mouthwateringly good cup of coffee.  It smells gorgeous and its tastes silky smooth, if ever there were a seductive cup of coffee, this would be it.

I was sent two packs of Carte Noire Instinct to review and I gave one pack to my Mum who is a coffee lover and she said that this is one of the best instant coffees she has ever tasted, very smooth and easy to drink.  It is a premium coffee from 100% Arabica beans which give it its rich, aromatic flavour.

The Carte Noire range includes Instant, Roast and Ground, Cappucino, TASSIMO and new Carte Noire Instinct.  All are available from all major supermarkets.

Find out more about Carte Noire Instinct and request a sample at

Carte Noire INSTINCT is available as a 100g tin (RRP £4.99) and an 80g refill pack (RRP £3.49).

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a 100g tin and an 80g refill pack for the purpose of this post.  All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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